Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs With Too Much To Do

The more time you can spend working on your business, instead of in it — the better. These productivity apps aim to help you do that and more.

Time is one of the most important assets for an entrepreneur. When you’re juggling many responsibilities you have to carefully plan every second, weigh opportunities against each other and choose what best suits your purpose. Every second saved can be utilized for an otherwise lost opportunity.

Mobile apps have made our lives much more convenient than ever before. We’re more mobile, productive and have much more freedom than our predecessors.

Entrepreneurs can often benefit the most; with apps designed to exponentially boost productivity. So, what apps should you definitely check out? Have a look:



Slack, a messaging app for teams, is an excellent tool to improve communication. Slack offers a robust and user-friendly experience with the combination of email, chat and file sharing applications. Easily integrated with other services, Slack can help you handle all your communication without having to switch between several apps.

You can categorized conversations into channels which make everything more organized. There is also a powerful search feature that lets you search by person or time. The mobile app is an extension of the desktop app, both of which are synced so you can continue where you left off from various devices. Increased connectivity, mobility and better organization always boost productivity.



Expense reports suck. Expensify has created a tool to help change this, by tracking your expenses and saving time with automated expense reports. One of the best features of this app is its OCR technology which lets you scan and store receipts. It will then automatically extract information (e.g., vendor, amount and product) and enter it in your database.

You also have the option to email your receipts to them. Very handy when you have to rush to some meeting and don’t have time to manually record every transaction. With Expensify you can spend time more productively instead of saving receipts and searching for them when you need to create a report. Having an accurate idea about your business expenses also relieves stress so you can focus on daily business activities that matter much more.



Humin is a contacts app that captures all of your contacts and remembers them in the way you naturally think. When you’re building a business and networking you will meet a lot of people. It becomes a chore to remember them all. With Humin, you can add contacts, note where you met them and search automatically for other info about them. You can then bring up a contact and view all of their available info in one place.

It also has a search feature that lets you search with terms like “met last Sunday” or “Lives in San Diego”. Humin helps you remember people as and when you need to.



Asana, a web and mobile application, is designed to help teams track their work. The app combines emails and to-do lists to make assigning and monitoring tasks much easier. This app will totally eliminate your need to use emails to communicate with your team for task based activities.

Tasks can be organized into projects, have their own discussion threads and sub-tasks for a more detailed work flow. You can get an overview of how your team performed at the end of the day and which tasks need urgent attention. Asana is designed to increase your productivity by organizing your task-assignment process and make it easier for you to communicate with your team.



Augment brings the future to the present. With this augmented reality app, you can drive sales and engagement by letting prospects view 3D models in real-time. This comes in handy when you need to simulate your products’ 3D models in real world, real size and real-time.

The 3D objects are simulated in real life environment using the device’s camera so it looks like the product was actually present there. Prospects don’t have to imagine how your products will look in their shop, office or showroom. They can use Augment to actually see it live.



Zoho offers a complete suite of office apps. It has everything you need for your office neatly packed into apps and provided as a package. It allows you to manage all your departments in one dashboard. The dashboard gives you the latest updates about finance, HR, administration, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Emails, etc.

With Zoho you have a complete view of your business from a single dashboard. No need to switch between applications and waste time pulling together disjointed pieces of information.


As an entrepreneur, your time should be spent forming new ideas and thinking of new ways of solving problems. The more time you can spend working on your business, instead of in it the better. These productivity apps aim to help you do that and more.


This article has been edited and condensed.

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