SMB’s Cut Costs And Boost Operations With Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based solutions unite the entire organization from sales to customer service. This saves small businesses time and money, as well as produces more efficient calls, which leads to...

Photo: Cameron Weeks, co-founder and CEO of Fathom Voice; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Cameron Weeks, co-founder and CEO of Fathom Voice; Source: Courtesy Photo

Business owners tend to think of their telephones as a necessary utility, but somewhat of a depreciating asset. While some look at a handset as an antiquated piece of technology, the desk staple is more than a paperweight and can actually work as a revenue-generating tool.

By continuing to rely on traditional analog phone systems for service, startups and small businesses are missing out on the efficiency and revenue-generating capabilities offered by integrated communication platforms.

With the use of PBX phone systems (i.e., a private telephone network that shares a number of outside lines for making external phone calls), organizations are given access to call features and voice applications that allow them to make day-to-day business processes more efficient.


Improve Daily Business Communication

While the advantages to PBX are vast, not all phone systems are the same. Enterprise-grade platforms for small, medium and large businesses centralize and streamline communications, and don’t cost as much as other enterprise-level software platforms.

So, why should small businesses switch to a cloud PBX phone system?

A cloud-based phone system can help small businesses take advantage of the latest technology and provide advanced calling to make businesses more efficient.


Photo: © Boggy, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Boggy, YFS Magazine

Cloud phone systems replace traditional land lines and are hosted in the cloud. Data is stored in a secure server accessible over the Internet. Instead of an answering machine tape, phone bills, and tons wires, a cloud phone system is stored digitally. This makes cloud based phone systems less expensive and easy to use.

Below are some additional benefits small and medium-sized business (SMBs) can utilize when switching to cloud-based phone solutions.


Disaster Recovery

A cloud-based phone system has multiple points of redundancy built into the network to offer an extremely reliable phone service. Disaster recovery options also allow small businesses to have peace of mind knowing they won’t miss any important calls if there is a major storm or power outage.


Mobility Enablement

A nationwide rise in companies allowing their employees to work from home, or remote workers, continually increases the need for cloud-based phone systems. With a cloud-based solution, small business can still have everyone on the same network and not burden employees with using their personal phones from home. Also, with built in phone system analytics, managers can remotely monitor sales and customer teams’ success.


Cost Savings

Price is a huge factor for small businesses when upgrading technology. Yes, a new phone system can ease major pains and allow you to increase profits, but businesses have to be able to afford the solution’s upfront and ongoing costs. Maintenance fees and upgrades to new technology can be overwhelming, but not with cloud PBX.

Cloud-based solutions require no onsite hardware and no upfront or maintenance costs.By switching to a cloud-based solution, most companies save 40 percent on telecom costs – a significant savings for SMBs.


Revenue Generation

The features of cloud-based phone systems can give small businesses the communication capabilities of an enterprise-sized business. Spending even less than traditional on-premise phones systems, SMBs can have the advanced calling features of a Fortune 500 company.

The best cloud-based phone systems won’t only pay for themselves, they’ll generate direct revenue. Systems with sales analytics and features such as automatic call logging, CRM integration and gamification enable sales teams to to drive increased revenue.


Cloud-based solutions unite the entire organization from sales to customer service. This saves small businesses time and money, as well as produces more efficient calls, which leads to happier customers. Now is the time for small businesses to make the switch to cloud-based communications solutions.


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Cameron Weeks, co-founder and CEO of Fathom Voice, began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age. Starting multiple businesses before the age of 25, the height of Cameron’s career came in 2007 when he started his now worldwide company in his dorm room at Purdue University. Fathom has since developed into a fast growing company that provides cloud-based communication platforms to sales and support teams. In his free time, Cameron enjoys dining around the Indy area with his new fiancé, Ashley and spending time with their two pups Winston and Stella. Connect with @fathomvoice on Twitter.


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