Turn Contacts Into Sales With These 5 Cloud CRM Tools

The CRM market offers plenty of options for every startup and small business. The more you know about your own CRM needs, the easier it will be to...

Every business owner should implement some type of customer relationship management (CRM) software. Regardless of the stage of your company, a good CRM system can make a huge difference when managing your sales pipeline.

CRM software is a big deal right now as entrepreneurs look for a better way to manage and grow their small businesses. CRM software is beneficial because it allows you to organize leads, follow up on them and analyze data in a way that can help you push leads through the sales funnel more efficiently — and turn them into customers.

Not only do CRM tools help you create customers, they help you keep those customers by understanding customer behavior and needs. This is why CRM software is so valuable.

When it comes to CRM there are simple programs, complex apps, freemiums and even multi-service apps on the market that cater to every type of business. In this guide, we will explore a different tool for every type of entrepreneur from the small business owner to the explosive tech startup founder.


1. Comprehensive CRM – bpm’online

Bpm’online is a premium CRM tool that is a process-driven and affordable tool designed to cater to specific business models. Starting at $25 per user, per month, solutions range from an out-of-the-box process for opportunity management (from lead to contract), to a complete set of tools for short sales cycle and e-commerce and more.

Bpm’online is not a flashy piece of software that lacks functionality. Instead, bpm’online lets businesses get down to work giving users the option to run a multitude of sophisticated cloud-based tools. Entrepreneurs can easily gain top-level insight into their customer data with 360 customer views, collaboration tools, knowledge base management, analytics, a mobile app and more.


Photo Source: bpmonline.com/sales
Photo Source: bpmonline.com/sales


2. Social CRM – Nimble

Nimble is a cost-effective CRM tool that functions like a high-end app.

 Its aim is to make social selling simple by giving users data driven insight into their contacts. The best thing about Nimble is the way it manages your contacts with a single view of the past, present, and future of your interactions.

Nimble can collect all the data you need (from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype, your phone and your email) and put it in one place.

Nimble may sound like one giant address book, but it’s more. The data Nimble gathers creates a client profile that is deeper than just a name and a phone number. The app looks at how the contact interacts on social media and how they interact with you. This can help you improve campaign targeting and gain real insight when you make new contacts.

Nimble claims that it is the key to closing more sales.

 With their 14-day free trial and no credit card required, it’s an enticing offer to put their claims to the test.


3. Scalable CRM – Insightly

Insightly is another great CRM and project management tool. Insightly is truly a comprehensive tool with useful features. For instance, you an easily manage everything from background, email history, events, projects or opportunities for contacts. Meanwhile, its project management and social CRM element is helpful.

Lastly, Insightly’s user-friendly dashboard and 

intuitive integration with services like MailChimp makes it easy to seamlessly connect campaigns and business activities.


Photo Source: insightly.com/features
Photo Source: insightly.com/features


4. Enterprise CRM – Salesforce

Salesforce is the thousand-pound gorilla of cloud-based CRM software. While there are software options available for small businesses, classified as 1-99 employees, it truly thrives at the enterprise level.

Salesforce has a proven track record from businesses large and small who aim to streamline the sales process. Their automated tools are incredibly efficient, which helps users run more effective campaigns and close the gap between customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value.



Niche CRM – Veeva

If you are looking for a more tailored CRM tool, cloud-based services like Veeva make it possible. Veeva, for example is designed specifically for businesses in pharma, biotech, consumer health and animal health. Any entrepreneur operating in the global life sciences industry can benefit from this CRM tool.

Veeva CRM enables life sciences companies to better understand their customers, engaging them with the right content and services, anytime through multiple channels.

“With Veeva multiple teams can deliver compliant messages and content across multiple channels, to multifaceted customers, including hospitals, healthcare networks, pharmacies, distributors, government organizations, physician, and other key decision makers (AppExchange).”


The CRM market offers plenty of options for every startup and small business. Before you sift through them all, make sure to take a closer look at your company. The more you know about your own CRM needs, the easier it will be to find the perfect tool.


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