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Learn what your genius zone is, how to discover it and steps to take that can keep you operating in it longer. This is a pursuit of the...

Let’s cover off on the first thing you’re probably wondering, “What is my genius zone?”

Well, it is easily described as a state of mind and being where things happen easily for you and life tends to go how you want it to go based on the thoughts, decisions and actions you’re making. In business it is doing what you want to do, in a way you want to do it, with the people you want to do it with.


It’s a state were you find your calling in life and progress is fast and easy to achieve and maintain. It is an ultimate state of joy and subsequent happiness in your life. Simply put, it is what you really want to do and you’re doing it in the best possible way.


Now I know what you might be thinking (especially if all of the above seems elusive these days), it may seem a bit “out there” but when life is not going as planned, chances are you are not operating in your genius zone. If progress seemed too happen too slow or large amounts of effort produced little to no results, you were outside of your genius zone. When you feel like there is something more that you can do with your life . . . well, you get the idea.


Finding your ‘genius zone’

Now that you know what your genius zone is, it’s time to find it. I’ve found it’s the most important work you can do; but it is also the hardest because it involves you spending a lot of time working on yourself. You start with asking yourself questions (personal and work-related). For example:



I would enjoy my life more if _____.

  • I would enjoy my career choice if _____.

  • Life would be much easier and simpler if _____.


Be specific with your answers and take full responsibility for the outcome. These types of questions are your starting point. Discovering your genius zone can be a long fulfilling journey. That’s why so many people never find it. They may ask, “What’s the point? Why go on this journey?”

My answer is, “What else is worth putting all your effort into pursuing daily?” or “What are you living for?”


Here’s what you do when you find it

Once we know what our genius zone is – starting with specific answers to questions pertaining our current lives, the hardest part is actually getting and staying in that zone.

Life happens and situations occur that are often out of our control. It’s these very “life curveballs” that can make sure you don’t spend a long time in your genius zone. Your life soon becomes this balancing act and you’re trying your best to stay focused in your zone.

It can be tiring.

When outside influences start to impact you negatively you need to know how to pull yourself back.

 You need to know what to do to stay there for as long as possible.

Most importantly, take note of why you are pulled away from your genius zone in the first place. Things like stress, anxiety, nervousness, overwhelm, fear, anger, frustration and sadness can all be tell tail signs that you’re out of your zone of genius. When these feelings begin to loom like a dark thundercloud in the distance you need to work on returning to your genius zone before you’re caught in the eye of the storm.


Staying in your genius zone

What are the best methods to use that keep you in your genius zone consistently? Honestly, it is completely personal and varies from person to person. But the starting point is to do things that cause you to feel the exact opposite of the negative emotions and situations you face.


  • If you feel angry or frustrated, consider doing what brings you joy and impacts your life in a positive way.

  • If you feel nervous or anxious, focus on shifting those recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns into solvable problems.

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, slow down and revisit your to-do list; reprioritize it and focus on what matters most.


These actions you take can be direct, specific and repetitive; forming better habits around areas of your life that are negative. They can also be simple. For instance, if listening to music or visualization makes you feel relaxed or positive do it.

When you decide to take actions with an aim to put yourself in a better mental state, remember to be conscious and mindful of the emotion you want to achieve. 

Don’t just listen to music and tune out mentally. Tell yourself why, explain to yourself why you’re taking a specific action. This will help you develop a positive habit around your challenges, and fortify the reason why you’re doing it.

Training your mind to understand the “why” behind your actions is important. Because in all likelihood you wont feel like doing these things; your mind and your body will say, “I don’t feel like it” and make you question why you even bother.


Now you know what your genius zone is, how to discover it and steps to take that can keep you operating in it longer. This is a pursuit of the bold, powerful and passionate and if you’re prepared for massive changes in your life, it is well worth the journey.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Michael McDonnell is a ‘Lifestyle Architect’ and author and creator of “7-Days to Ditch the Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle.” Connect with @M_McDonnell2 on Twitter and Facebook at The Healthy Hangout.


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