How To Develop A Winning Mobile Advertising Strategy

Media consumption is moving to mobile. If you want to make the most out of a small advertising budget, consider mobile advertising.

Have you ever heard of the AIDA model? It is a marketing acronym for “attention, interest, desire and action.” It describes the steps that occur from brand awareness, trial and purchase. Technology has shifted how this buying process takes place.

The internet, coupled with platforms like mobile and programmatic advertising, has fundamentally changed advertising. In fact, as “fast as the internet has grown, the mobile web has expanded exponentially faster… 400-percent growth in just under a 10-year period.”

A Juniper Research report suggests “mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by 2019.” Meanwhile with programmatic advertising, “[f]ueled by the rise of ad-tech, or advertising technology, the buying and selling of digital advertising is evolving at a mind-bending pace.” How we reach consumers, and the tools we use, through the buying process has evolved.

Technology and data intelligence has changed the face of marketing, and one of its most powerful subset tools — advertising. And one of the most promising areas that this shift has impacted is mobile.


Mobile advertising tips

“Consumers spend an increasing percentage of their time on mobile devices, and mobile device users have surpassed desktop users for media and website consumption,” TechCrunch reports. Media consumption is moving to mobile. And if you want to reach consumers where they are, mobile advertising is an obvious strategy.


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Mobile impacts our daily life, how we consume media, and subsequently our purchase decisions. So it’s no surprise that mobile advertising represents a tremendous opportunity for small businesses.

If you want to make the most out of a small advertising budget, consider mobile advertising.


Smart approach

Think about mobile ad creative and the journey to purchase via landing pages and your company website. Two aspects that matter a great deal:


  • Content: blogs, podcasts, video, social media, etc.

  • Design: a focus on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface and visual imagery to make a platform visually appealing and easy to use


High-value content and design plays a critical role in the success of your mobile advertising campaign. Also, a mobile-friendly website is essential. Mobile advertisements should convert to a mobile-first user experience (UX).

Meanwhile, frequency capping is important. “Standard numbers tend to be 3 views/visitor/24 hours. This means if a specific user views an advertisement three times, they will no longer be displayed that individual ad for the next 24 hours.” Ankit Soni, CEO of MobiVisits, a mobile advertising firm explains, “Our top-notch clients avoid being too intrusive, they make money because they are not too interfering and annoying.”


Strategic approach

Brands that benefit from mobile advertising (e.g., Nike, Dove, Lakme, Starbucks, etc.) are strategic in their approach. They have a clear understanding of mobile customer needs and behaviors.

For instance, Nike “has been working behind the scenes for some time to make mobile marketing a profitable channel,” as “mobile traffic to its ecommerce site exceeded desktop, for the first time in 2015.

If you’re looking to launch or improve your mobile advertising experience keep the tips in mind.


  • Create mobile ad creative with a clear call for action

  • Promote your mobile program/offer through your website

  • Ensure all web forms are mobile friendly

  • Use limited time mobile offers to spark engagement

  • Send consistent messages (e.g., once per week)

  • Frequently include promo codes for mobile conversion tracking

  • Keep the post click experience clean and simple

And personalized your mobile advertising campaign by using:


  • dynamic creative

  • moment marketing

  • hyper-local targeting

  • vertical videos

  • consumer generated data use


Final thoughts

Mobile advertising offers a tremendous opportunity for startups and small business marketers. Work with mobile media partners that provide advertising technology that is flexible, self-serve and easy to use.


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Neelam Birthare is a Content Marketer at MobiVisits, a programmatic mobile advertising platform.1 She is exposed to varied facets of digital marketing, mobile ad technology, and the latest trends that change the way modern marketers advertise. In her free time, she likes to read and write on topics related to programmatic, RTB, branding, and mobile advertising. Connect with @mobivisitsdsp on Twitter.



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