4 Ways To Design A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Customers

No matter the aim of your small business, a crucial component to attracting your ideal customer is to help them find your brand via your company website.

Kathie Wiehanne, Designer and co-founder of Bluchic | Source: Courtesy
Kathie Wiehanne, Designer and co-founder of Bluchic | Source: Courtesy

No matter the aim of your small business, a crucial component to attracting your ideal customer is to help them find your brand via your company website.

Let’s assume you’ve accomplished the “let’s launch a website” part. You’ve purchased your domain name, you know your mission, and you’re ready to design (or maybe even redesign) your company website. However, building a website can be overwhelming.

Aside from the technical components, one thing I hear from most customers is: “We want our website to convey our brand as the perfect outlet for our customers.” But how do you do that? Well, this problem can be tied to an old writing rule – “Show, don’t tell.”

Here are four ways to show potential clients you are the right choice – even in the first 5 seconds they are on your website!


1. Create a well-designed website

First things first (and hopefully self-explanatory), your website must be designed well and user-friendly. The navigation menus and call-to-action buttons must be clear and responsive. Use a good amount of white space to ensure your website doesn’t look cluttered. Ultimately, it needs to be on brand with your product or service.


Photo: Edho Pratama, Unsplash
Photo: Edho Pratama, YFS Magazine

Don’t know HTML? No problem! Enlist the help of a templated WordPress themes (for example, at Bluchic we create WordPress themes and templates). All you need to do is create your copy and enter it into a theme and your site is beautiful and ready to go!


2. Know your buyer persona

Your buyer persona is a clear picture of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about existing customers.  You can discover your buyer persona by asking questions like: What is their demographic makeup (e.g., age, gender, income, etc.)? What are their interests? What do they need help with and how do we provide solutions?


3. Share content your audience will love

Once you know your buyer persona branding your website and creating marketing copy will be easy. Create content that provides your ideal clients with solutions to their problems. Perhaps, it conveys problems they didn’t even know they had and you can even make jokes and pop culture references they would understand. As a result they’ll be hooked without even realizing it!


Photo: © puhhha, YFS Magazine

Another great content hack is to routinely ask your audience what they want to learn. This is an easy and hassle-free way to give your audience exactly what they want. In my experience, people are always happy to share their opinion and are eager to be heard.


4. Promote your website where your ideal customers hangout

When you know your audience well, you know where they hangout (e.g. social media platforms they love, online magazines they read, blogs they subscribe to, and podcasts they regularly listen to.

Once you have this information, it is all too easy to direct your advertising dollars accordingly. Ensure your customers become aware of your brand (e.g. they can view links to your website) alongside content they already seek out. Your website will then seem like a natural extension of that content, which is ideal.


These tips should help you get started and create a website you are proud of, and one your ideal audience will love!


Kathie Wiehanne is the designer half behind Bluchic, a WordPress theme and template shop. Their feminine WordPress themes and brand design tools have helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs and bloggers elevate their businesses and create the kind of lifestyle they love. Bluchic was born out of Kathie and Andrew’s (the developer half) search for their own niche-chic WordPress theme. Their themes combine beauty and bold vision with the niche-specific architecture you need to convert prospects into paying customers. Bluchic has been featured on One Woman Shop, She Owns It, Design Your Own Blog, A Prettier Web, Priceless Planning, and more. Connect with @bluchic on Twitter.






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