The Business of Beauty: Put Your Best Face Forward With DuraScience

Studies show – for better or worse – how we look has a direct bearing on how we feel, leading to increased confidence and a better chance of...

It’s no surprise. When we look good, we feel good. And feeling good gives us the confidence we need to build a successful business. How we show up for ourselves in life and business is a key ingredient to creating a life we love. When it comes to showing up, authentic beauty is an important aspect – especially how we treat our skin. Skin is such an integral aspect of our lives and beauty regimens yet we often forget that it’s our body’s largest, most visible organ.

There’s a confidence-crushing reality that comes with dealing with problem skin.

On top of feeling incredibly self-conscious, the associated stressed out and on edge feelings of not looking our best can take its toll. We should be confidently walking into client meetings, but instead we are worried they might notice our acne, psoriasis, eczema or simply our unfiltered imperfect skin.


The business of beauty and skin care

As of 2018, the global skincare industry is valued at $134.5 billion and is projected to reach over 180 billion in the next six years. While the Asia Pacific region has the largest skincare market, the U.S. boasts the greatest share of revenue, with prevention, anti-aging, and organic skincare products driving the market. Unsurprisingly, beauty regimens are more prevalent among women than men.

Contrary to the mantra that “beauty is only skin deep,” DuraScience Research and Development Institute of USA reveals that physical beauty – including youthful, radiant skin – actually begin at the cellular level. Sixty-five percent of U.S. women use at least one skin care product per day, compared to thirty-seven percent of men. Given the amount of time and money that we invest in looking younger and more beautiful, it may come as a surprise that many topical skin care treatments only solve a fraction of the real problem.

The world can be a busy, stressful place filled with literal and hypothetical toxicity. The strain can show up in our attitudes, our posture, and our faces. Even smiles can look more like masks than genuine reflections of inner joy and contentment. Building a business and brand is hard work – but looking prematurely old and tired doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, studies show that – for better or worse – how we look has a direct bearing on how we feel, leading to increased levels of confidence and a better chance of success.


Love your skin from the inside out

To help us radiate well-being from the inside out, DuraScience developed four Mandatory Solutions for modern living: the Cellular Regeneration Matrixes (CRM), the Body Alteration Matrixes (BAM), the Feminine Rejuvenation Matrixes (FRM), and the Derma Transcendence Matrixes (DTM)-Medical Version.


Photo: The team of world renowned experts at DuraScience Institute of USA | Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: The team of world renowned experts at DuraScience Institute of USA | Source: Courtesy Photo

CRM combats the toxic effects of modern life at the most basic, cellular level; BAM helps people achieve their best bodies from the inside out; FRM brings female hormones into balance for optimum health; and DTM gives people that glowing, youthful complexion we talked about. Each solution is based on the same fundamental idea: that optimum health begins with the nucleus of human life.

Human cells are like little microscopic wombs that nurture our genes, which determine our inner health and outward appearance. When it comes to our DNA, there are certain things we do not have control over, but emerging science reveals that many things can be improved or reversed after birth. Besides genetics, healthy skin includes microbiota, nutrition, and anti-inflammation. While bacteria may not sound like a good thing to have floating around inside you, healthy levels of gut microbiota are important for preventing acne, rashes, and other skin disorders, as well as promoting healthy bones, hormones, and metabolism.

Adequate nutrition influences the quality of our skin cells via proteins like hyaluronic acid. Much has been said by the health and beauty industry about the benefits of anti-inflammation, which is closely associated with antioxidants and anti-aging. Problems with any of these areas can have a negative impact on our health and skin.


Face the world with confidence

It’s hard to face the world when your skin is letting you down. While some well-applied makeup will work wonders – it’s a temporary fix. Thankfully DuraScience’s DTM is a natural, scientific solution for health and beauty that doesn’t come with the risks of expensive drugs. The company was founded on the premise that good health can’t be achieved by treating poor health with harmful substances. Common sense tells us that this will likely backfire, which is why modern, popular culture has experienced a shift from traditional to complementary and alternative medicine.

It’s safe to say that as our skin improves our confidence will crawl back up as well. But the aim is to get it higher than it was before – because when you have an empire to build, our skin problems should be the least of our concerns.

How do you deal with your skin problems when it comes to staying confident? Let us know in the comments!


Editor’s Note: DuraScience has been recognized by the FDA, the Natural Products Association (NPA), the Non-GMO Project, the SkinTRUST Society®, the United Dairy Industry Association, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Patent and Trademark Office of the US Department of Commerce. The company’s products are certified organic, REAL®, BPA-Free, non-GMO verified, and Not Tested on Animals®. DuraScience goal is to provide naturally safe, government-regulated products that help people achieve their best in long-lasting health and beauty.


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