How To Improve Your LinkedIn Visibility And Engagement

Every single week, content in the LinkedIn feed is seen 9 billion times. Still, only a small number of users and posts get enough visibility and engagement.

LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine for professionals and brands alike. The platform officially crossed the half-billion user mark in 2017. “Every single week, content in the LinkedIn feed is seen 9 billion times. That’s about 36 billion impressions per month and 468 billion per year. The opportunity to be seen most definitely exists if you share content consistently.”

Still, only a small number of users and posts get enough visibility and engagement. Too many people use LinkedIn the wrong way. Many people, after a while, become frustrated with LinkedIn and move on. The LinkedIn algorithm is unique, which means you must do things right the first time.


1. Refresh your LinkedIn profile

Let’s be honest. Many LinkedIn profiles are either unprofessional or unbelievable. First, revisit your tagline.

Your LinkedIn tagline should entice people to click further to read your LinkedIn profile. So make it compelling and ensure it sparks curiosity. This small description will show up on every post and comment you publish on LinkedIn.

Focus on benefits and not features of your role, product, and/or service. Once you settle on a tagline, review your expertise, add social proof, images, and a professional headshot that represents your brand identity and the image you want to communicate.


2. Share valuable and relevant posts

Instead of creating sales posts, create value first. Infographics, for example, can showcase your expertise and present digestible, informative content.

Photo: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Unsplash
Photo: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, YFS Magazine

Next, don’t just add people randomly; get to know your ideal clients. As you build your network and learn about the type of content they prefer to share and engage with, it will provide more insight into what type of content resonates best. 


3. Engage with others

Instead of going on a posting rampage, find industry-relevant content, and contribute insightful commentary when you repost or share it.

LinkedIn offers content recommendations under “Today’s news and view,” a section on the left-hand side of a users dashboard. Meanwhile, under the “Notifications” tab, in the main navigation menu, LinkedIn shares “Trending Now” notifications along with other updates.

Source: LinkedIn Notifications

It helps if you follow relevant hashtags; making it easier to review related and recent posts. If the post already has traction on LinkedIn, feel free to add valuable remarks. Try not to be vague. Comment’s like “Great stuff!” won’t cut it or increase profile visits.


3. Lend a helping hand (or post)

Recently, I read a LinkedIn statistics post from a digital marketer. In a comment, I asked if I could create an infographic based on their findings. The answer was yes, and within an hour, I shared the newly-created infographic in the comment while tagging the author to credit the original source.

Next, I posted the infographic on my feed and tagged the original author of the information. And minutes later, voila! The likes, shares, and comments started coming in on both posts. Best of all, the digital marketer asked for my Instagram details so they could post the content and tag me. This is a real-life example of how you can add value, instead of bragging about your business.


4. Share brand messages sparingly

Once you complete the three steps mentioned above, you may notice new connection requests and added exposure. On your main LinkedIn feed, you will see how many views your latest post received, and how many people discovered your content.

Source: LinkedIn

Next, you can create a few branding messages, including testimonials, video tips, or behind-the-scenes multi-media. This will help you connect with your target audience without appearing excessively promotional.


LinkedIn marketing is a beneficial tool when used correctly. Be polite, helpful, and avoid blatant and excessive promotion. Use your content and comments to encourage people’s curiosity and ultimately visit your profile and add you to their network.


Laura Farkas is a sales funnel designer dedicated to small and medium sized businesses’ digital marketing success. She offers coaching, training, marketing automation, and content packages for businesses that want to expand through digital marketing.


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