How To Design Your Office Space For Optimal Productivity

A well-designed office space plays an important role in company culture, workflow, and overall productivity. Here are a few fresh ideas.

Productivity is achieved with comfort, the right workspace tools, and an inviting atmosphere. A well-designed office space plays an important role in company culture, workflow, and overall productivity.

A productive office space balances the comfort of home without compromising the professional business aesthetic. It’s all about styling your office space in a way that reflects your brand image and sensibilities. Studies have shown that office space design can increase productivity.

Here are some proven and beneficial ways to revitalize your office space for maximum productivity.


1. Display your company’s mission statement and values

Your workspace should represent your core values in ways that motivate everyone. Turn that empty wall into a vision wall highlighting your company’s mission statement for all to see.

Photo: Valentina Conde, Unsplash
Photo: Valentina Conde, YFS Magazine

You can also create a gallery wall in main rooms and hallways with framed prints highlighting inspiring quotes that reflect your values.

A little motivational nudge through visuals on your walls can impact productivity and reinforce mental wellness. Everyone wants to be inspired and feel valued within an organization. Celebrate this ideal in deed and display.


2. Hang inspiring wall art

Studies suggest designing your workspace improves health, happiness, and productivity. “Employees who have control over the layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier — they’re also up to 32% more productive.” It also implies that art can play a vital role in our lives.

Photo: Christian Mackie, Unsplash
Photo: Christian Mackie, Unsplash

Art is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is beneficial to office dwellers. Art can inspire employees and stir up productivity. Visit local and independent galleries for inspiration.

Wall art comes in a variety of forms and designs, including wall murals and paintings, sculptures, prints, panel wall art, and more. For example, panel wall art can be customized with behind-the-scenes photos of your team or pre-designed imagery. Whichever design you choose, ensure it reflects the people behind the work. This gesture will make your team feel appreciated and valued, which can indirectly boost morale and productivity.


3. Create lounge spaces to encourage collaboration

Modern workspaces, home, and commercial offices, are designed with lounge space where teams can collaborate. The main purpose of a lounge area is to promote group creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Photo: Nathan Van Egmond, Unsplash
Photo: Nathan Van Egmond, YFS Magazine

This gives your team communal opportunities to connect and share ideas outside of the limitations of an individual desk. Productivity is enhanced by the sharing and free flow of ideas. Incorporate an office lounge area that embraces a “work and chill” philosophy.


4. Improve office space lighting

Studies suggest a link between daytime sunlight exposure and productivity. The research states that sunlight affects circadian rhythm and vitamin D production, which is connected to alertness and motivation.

Photo: CoWomen, Unsplash
Photo: CoWomen, YFS Magazine

A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine confirms that natural light in your office space boosts your physical and mental health. If your space has readily available access to natural light, embrace it. If not, you can improvise.

Choosing the right lighting for your office can help create an energetic and productive environment. New research from the Kellogg School suggests lighting should be an essential design consideration. “Lighting, the research found, can change how likely we are to make pleasurable versus practical decisions […] To get utilitarian work done, keep it bright.” The impact of lighting on our behavior is fascinating.


5. Spruce up your workspace with indoor plants

Adding a touch of nature to an indoor office space is not only aesthetically beautiful. It can also boost productivity. A green workspace is not just about sustainability. 

Photo: Ron McClenny, Unsplash
Photo: Ron McClenny, YFS Magazine

The health impact of plant life is undeniable. A 2016 Harvard study “revealed that when people work in green-certified offices, they experience a 30% reduction in sick days taken by employees. Their cognitive function scores are 26% higher than their peers in non-certified buildings.”

According to an APA PsycNET study, employees in offices with plants were observed to be 15 percent higher productivity compared to those who don’t.

Aside from their physical and psychological benefits, plants can also make your office atmosphere cooler and brighter. Many plants have natural healing benefits derived from medicinal purposes. Living plants can somehow touch your soul. Greenery and nature can remind you of life’s beauty. After all, a leafy office is a happier office.


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