6 In-Demand Technical Skills For Today’s Digital Workplace

There is great value in learning these skills as a freelancer, starting a business that offers these specialized talents or upskilling your workforce.

Businesses are transforming their workforce and workplaces. They are also learning what helps them thrive in uncertain times, all the while discovering key trends to navigate the challenges of this year and beyond.

Let’s face it. Finding and hiring the right employees is hard as many companies enter talent wars to secure in-demand talent. As a result, professional training solutions have become widely sought after to equip employees with additional skills.

It’s more important than ever to upskill (i.e., learn additional skills and acquiring the right skill set has never been more critical. The job market has changed significantly. Entrepreneurs and employees alike must be prepared to navigate an evolving workplace.


Digital Marketing Analytics

The lifeblood of many businesses is online (a.k.a., digital) marketing. Digital marketing generates a high ROI and requires people well-versed in analytics to interpret the data.

Digital marketing analytics requires a unique set of skills, knowledge, and abilities. There’s also ample opportunity to learn the technical and non-technical side (e.g., analyze and interpret data) of digital marketing analytics. Whether you launch a top tier SEO agency, become a freelancer, or seek employment in the field — this is an industry poised for growth.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Businesses are seeking experts with the knowledge and confidence to support the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their organizations. A skill set with practical foundational knowledge and business applications will equip leaders with the knowledge needed to build innovative, efficient, and sustainable companies.

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Photo: Gustavo Fring, YFS Magazine

Companies will need experts who can lead informed, strategic decision-making, and increase business performance by integrating key AI and ML management and leadership insights into operations. For example, AI has touched and transformed nearly every industry (and economic models), from manufacturing robots and smart assistants to automated financial investing, social media monitoring, and inter-team chat tools.

Machine learning will also continue to expand its application from recommendation engines (think Netflix viewing suggestions) to self-driving cars that use ML to understand their surroundings. The possibilities are endless, and therefore AI and ML skillsets will continue to be desirable.


Full-Stack Development

As the internet becomes more complex, developers have become more specialized. Web development now means a lot of different things, depending on expertise.

Full stack development roles are growing as companies seek experts who are well-versed in front end (client side visible elements of a website or app) and back end (server side databases and infrastructure) development. Full stack can apply to the web, mobile, and native apps development.

Companies have largely moved away from utilizing separate teams for front and back end development. Instead, there’s an increased demand for specialists who take a holistic approach to development and can ensure seamless and full integration.


Python Development

Freelance web developers with expertise in back end (server-side databases and infrastructure) development and specific languages like Python are rising in popularity. This primary focus on how a website works is often underpinned by libraries, frameworks, and languages –– Python, for instance. Python is a programming language that lets developers work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently. Python is also incredibly easy to use and learn for new beginners and newcomers, which reduces the learning curve.


Blockchain Development

Cryptocurrency markets may be in a bit of a bear market, but blockchain development skills are predicted to grow in demand over time. Millennials are key drivers of cryptocurrency market growth. Reports suggest 92% of millennials don’t trust banks, and the majority of bitcoin buyers are also millennials. Researchers forecast that “bitcoin will see mass adoption in the coming five years, as well as become widely recognized as a portfolio hedging instrument and reserve asset.”


AWS Cloud Engineering

Companies are moving to the cloud, resulting in high demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineers to lead mission-critical software projects.

To improve cost savings, companies move away from physical computing technology and onto the cloud with AWS, paying only for what they use. This eliminates the upfront cost to build a storage system and need to estimate usage.

The demand for freelancers, startups, and businesses who can create, maintain, and grow an AWS cloud infrastructure to run applications is projected to rise as more companies adopt the platform. AWS is one of Amazon’s strongest revenue segments. If you have skills with a platform that boasts a 40% market share, your skills will always be in demand.


There is great value in learning these skills as a freelancer, starting a business that offers these specialized talents or upskilling your workforce. Maximize your marketability by pursuing technical skills that are in-demand for the future.


Craig Lebrau is the CMO of Media Insider, a Wyoming-based PR company that aims to disrupt the way companies communicate their brand in the digital era.


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