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Clover Trading: A Community for 7-Figure Trading Ninjas

Learn why three entrepreneurs launched Clover Trading, a community and platform to provide education and support for day traders.

The world of trading that was once foreign to many aspiring traders is now easier to access with the advent of new technologies and community-driven platforms.

Economic, regulatory, and technological barriers that once prevented new companies or investors from entering the stock market have shifted and lowered –– especially in technology where complex trading algorithms, risk management systems, and access to technologies were once a significant barrier to entry for new investors.

The stock market used to be a platform that only those with a finance education or connections could access. However, wealth creation vis-à-vis trading has become easier due to increased accessibility, lower barriers to entry, improved education and resources, increased stock market diversity, growing popularity of index funds and ETFs, advancements in technology, and increased financial inclusion.

When a group of traders who wanted to build a transparent and supportive community for other traders founded Clover Trading in late 2022, the market was saturated with stock market trading education offerings and scams.

Started by three twenty-something best friends who nabbed their first million in their early years of day trading, entrepreneurs Dominic Mastromatteo, Kyle Williams, and Michael Hudson run the Clover Trading community and platform to provide education and support for other traders.

“What’s missing in the day trading practice is transparency, as well as access to the how to do trading, instead of another dull written courses that turned out to be a scam,” says Mastromatteo, a Clover Trading co-founder.


Day Trading Should Be Simple

Trading is a long game. “With trading, you cannot think short-term. Even with day trading, you must show up every day when the market opens until it closes. You need to do the work and ride with the ups and downs,” co-founder Kyle Williams explains. His aha! moment came when he realized the mutual fund he’d saved throughout his childhood decreased in value when the market crashed.

Meanwhile, significant market volatility and time commitments often deter aspiring traders from getting started in day trading. “It looks complex, but it’s not supposed to be hard. Anyone can learn to trade; it is that simple,” says Clover Trading co-founder Michael ‘Huddie’ Hudson, a former door-to-door salesman with a degree in Finance and Economics.

Today, Clover Trading’s three co-founders aim to simplify trading through a wealth of unique resources and community of proven profitable traders. As a result, Clover Trading helps aspiring traders learn from real traders with proven track records instead of self-proclaimed stockbroker millionaires.


Trading with Transparency and Community

Clover Trading has grown its audience through podcasts, YouTube and social media platforms like TikTok, reaching millions with a fun and transparent approach to trading.

Dominic, Kyle, and Michael have also managed to challenge the “crude, selfish, jerk” monikers often associated with finance professionals. Instead, they exude a fun, youthful approach in their community that appeals to investors. “What we hope to achieve in creating this image is to show people that trading is doable, as long as you have a vetted plan, which is why community helps.”

The Clover Trading community connects verified traders with a knack for educating aspiring traders. This approach makes learning basics of markets, risk management, and money management, as well as developing a trading plan and discipline to execute it more effective and results-driven.

Verified traders show new traders the ropes in mentorship and networking roles within a supportive environment. “There’s a need for a system to trade, and you can learn this in a tight community,” the founders add. Without mentorship, new traders are often overwhelmed with basics such as where to start: stocks, bonds, options, futures, commodities or currencies, for example.


A Community of Trading Ninjas

Clover Trading’s mission is to simplify trading, yet their aim is not without challenges. “You don’t necessarily require numerous indicators; rather, success lies in understanding that the market revolves around data, not mere predictions.”

To hone the trader’s instinct requires practice and time. “We’d like to call ourselves and the people in our community trading ninjas because we all thrive in different circumstances, and trading is just like a series of different circumstances,” they added.

Despite market challenges, Clover Trading continues to make trading accessible for investors who are ready to learn with actionable and relevant resources that go beyond self-study.


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