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Lynx Yachts Reveals What to Look for in a Super Yacht Support Vessel

Out on the ocean, Lynx Yachts XYT series will ensure an experience second to none.

A support yacht, often referred to as a shadow yacht or yacht extender, is a secondary vessel that accompanies a primary luxury yacht. Its main purpose is to provide additional space and resources that enhance the capabilities and comfort of the main yacht.

Support yachts typically carry extra amenities such as water toys, tenders, helicopters, additional crew quarters, and specialized facilities like gyms or spas. By offloading these features to the support yacht, the primary vessel can maintain a sleeker, more streamlined profile while still offering extensive amenities and operational flexibility.

Support yachts play a crucial role in optimizing the yachting experience. They enable extended cruising by carrying additional fuel and supplies, thereby increasing the range and autonomy of the primary yacht. Furthermore, they enhance safety and convenience by providing a dedicated platform for maintenance and storage, reducing clutter and wear on the main vessel. The versatility of support yachts makes them an invaluable asset for luxury yacht owners who seek to maximize their on-water lifestyle.

When looking for a support yacht, make sure to find one that can be customizable. The Lynx Yachts XYT series is flexible, the exterior space can be adapted to provide additional functionality and space.

Whether you need to fit a limo tender, a helicopter or a couple of extra jet skis, you’re sure to find the layout that suits your needs.

Additionally, the yacht’s interior can also be customized. A support yacht gives the possibility for the owner to have a few extra cabins for staff members or crew. Also, the extra space can be used as a game room, a massage room, or can be an extension of the main yacht, especially to have a larger laundry room or ice storage.

The support yacht for sale XYT series proposes three different sizes to satisfy the yacht owners’ needs better.

The XYT 20, the smallest of the series, measures 20 m. Her size gives her an advantage over larger vessels as she can access remote waters and is easily maneuverable.

The middle size of the series, the XYT 27, provides more space for a larger beach club and more storage for yacht toys. Her interior is sleek, luxurious, and comfortable making her the perfect vessel for adventures.

With her 33.8 m, the XYT 34 is the largest of the Lynx Yachts XYT series. She’s the ideal vessel for the ultimate exploration and customization. Whether the owners need a landing space for their helicopter or space to design a full gym room, the XYT 34 epitomizes functionality and luxury.

All you need to do is choose which model is best for your next maritime exploration.


Founded in 2013, by Slim Bouricha, a mechanical engineer and a seasoned yachtsman, this expert quickly surrounded himself with a team of specialists and yachting enthusiasts like him. Based in the Netherlands, the shipyard has since built six yachts and developed several models, always anticipating the requests from passionate yacht lovers.


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