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Can a Corporate Retreat Benefit Your Business?

Elevate business success and take your team offsite to new levels by planning a corporate retreat.

Successful entrepreneurs have hustle embedded into their DNA and lifestyle. You won’t find someone saying they run their business from 9 to 5, especially during the early stages. Sacrifices are often made in the form of long work hours.

Photo: Jack Shaw, Freelance Writer | Courtesy
Photo: Jack Shaw, Freelance Writer | Courtesy

This is where corporate retreats are beneficial — and should be a critical part of your organization. They’re a breather amid the incessant grind, giving you and your team the much-needed respite to stay productive. Delve into how a company retreat is advantageous for your business.


What’s the point of a business retreat?

Business retreats break up your team’s busy routine and allow them to decompress. Everyone knows working for a startup is highly demanding. Employees start early and stay until all their tasks are finished, often leaving beyond 5 p.m. Some are on-call, adding stress. This is why many startup employees don’t last in their jobs — there’s rarely a work-life balance, especially when the business is scaling.

Organizing a corporate retreat is a good strategy to re-engage team members. It’s a way to show you care about their health, recognize their hard work, and appreciate their contributions.


Benefits of company retreats

Here are the upsides of these fun, organization-wide activities.

Boost workplace cohesion

Retreats that involve team-building activities promote collaboration. Teamwork is critical in maintaining high performance so a small business can take off or a large enterprise can keep thriving. Companies promoting collaboration are 5x as likely to be highly efficient. Moreover, employees in a cohesive work environment will likely focus on the team goals instead of personal success.

Reduce employee burnout

Long and stressful work hours ultimately lead to excessive psychological exhaustion. Meanwhile, a relaxing getaway in Kimpton Shorebreak Resort in California, the Eau Palm Beach in Florida or another cozy location offers employees a change of scenery to have fun, reinvigorate and restore their motivation for work. Company programs like this help reduce stress, combat feelings of extreme physical exhaustion and increase employee engagement, leading to higher productivity.

Encourage creativity and innovation

Creativity is essential as it boosts the team’s problem-solving skills. In a study of 100 people, researchers found that spending time in natural environments can spark curiosity, flexibility and imagination, improving creativity. Choosing green spaces, like parks, as venues for your corporate retreat may awaken your employees’ dormant creative and innovative talents.

Improve workplace culture

Team-building events also allow team members to socialize and learn about each other outside their profession. Why does it matter? It increases their understanding of the other person’s personality. In addition, the more they do this, the more comfortable they’ll feel about asking for and receiving help to accomplish tasks. The result is a positive, collaborative workplace culture.

Spark excitement

Reasons for disengagement include burnout and employees feeling undervalued and unappreciated. Investing in outings injects a positive atmosphere throughout your company. Furthermore, giving employees something to look forward to for months may reignite their motivation and morale.


How to plan a corporate retreat

Planning can take several weeks to months, depending on the budget, number of attendees, location, length, and other factors. While there’s no standard timeframe, planning your activities months in advance is best. Doing so will give you ample time to manage the logistics, address employee concerns and allow everyone to prepare, especially for out-of-state venues.

Most companies hold these events yearly, although others may have team-specific gatherings every quarter in the form of workshops, tours, and seminars. How long are these retreats? A good rule of thumb is to limit activities for up to two days so employees don’t spend too much time away from their families and obligations. However, there’s no policy saying you can’t extend if you take care of the piling tasks.


Corporate retreats improve long-term team performance

Investing in company retreats significantly impacts your business success. They boost many positive aspects of your team, increasing their productivity and teamwork. Plan for the event a few months away but announce it early. It gives your employees something to look forward to for a long time and sparks excitement.


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