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Hez Sanmiguel Created a Niche Business in AV Technology

Hez Sanmiguel built Sanville Integrated Systems to meet a rising demand for customized, cost-effective AV solutions for churches and beyond.

Adopting cutting-edge technology often comes with a hefty price tag. For many organizations, the cost of acquiring, implementing, and maintaining audio-visual (AV) technology can be cost prohibitive. The operating expenses associated with hardware, software, and support can pose significant challenges.

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Hez Sanmiguel, founder of Arizona-based Sanville Integrated Systems, saw this challenge as a niche opportunity to offer cost-effective high-tech AV solutions to local businesses. His journey started by serving clients with limited operating budgets and advanced technology needs, including houses of worship, schools, and small businesses.

During the economic downturn of 2007-2008 Sanmiguel moved to Phoenix, AZ and faced financial challenges but adapted by taking odd jobs and utilizing his musical and electronics repairing skills. This led him to initially work with worship houses with limited resources.

His experience as a mixing engineer and a subsequent production director role at a large house of worship prompted his initial search for innovative, cost-efficient AV technology solutions. He realized other houses of worship faced similar technology constraints and decided to address a collective unmet need while leveraging connections and expertise to launch Sanville Integrated Systems (SIS) in 2015.

Sanmiguel acknowledges an upbringing rooted in resilience and adaptability significantly influenced his problem-solving approach. Meanwhile, his passion, a diverse background in technical education (e.g., mechatronics, electronics, and manufacturing), and work in the live production industry empowered him to innovate with limited budgets. The company has since grown to address a rise in demand for customized, cost-effective AV solutions for churches and beyond.

His approach includes cost-effective technologies, such as Direct View LED (DVLED) walls, and leveraging L‑ISA technology to create and deliver immersive sound for live and recorded productions of any scale.

In 2018, SIS launched a strategic tech partnership to manufacture DVLED panels and fill the gap between low-cost inefficient panels and premium alternatives. A venture designed to democratize access to high-quality visual solutions. The subsequent success of this venture allowed SIS to market cutting-edge visual solutions without compromising quality.

Hez is also on a personal mission to uplift his local community. A key social responsibility initiative includes supporting churches by offering refurbished equipment and budget-friendly solutions with flexible profit margins. The company has since expanded its client roster to serve schools and commercial facilities that face similar technology challenges.

Hez Sanmiguel’s resourceful approach to building Sanville Integrated Systems and serving his community has proven to be a winning strategy.


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