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Bill Clark

Bill Clark
Founder and CEO, MicroVenture Marketplace Inc.

Bill Clark is the Founder and CEO of Austin, TX-based MicroVenture Marketplace Inc. Its capital model allows investors to fund startup opportunities not typically available outside a traditional venture capital structure.

Using its online peer-to-peer investment service, MicroVentures creates additional investment opportunities for investors looking to make smaller commitments by pooling and connecting them with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses looking to raise money.

With more than a decade of top level management experience in the credit risk management and financial services industry, Mr. Clark brings to the company key strategic focus and critical evaluation skills essential to the both the investor and startup business components of Microventures.

As Risk Manager at a online payment processing company, Mr. Clark's responsibilities included managing risk on the merchant side of the business. His comprehensive approach to the company stems from key experience previously helping managing a billion dollar portfolio of small business accounts as Credit Risk Manager in the Small Business Risk Management Division of a captive financial institution.

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