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CKimberly Bordonaro

Kimberly Bordonaro
President, Kimberly Bordonaro Personal Branding

Kimberly Bordonaro, President of Kimberly Bordonaro Personal Branding, has built a career on combining practical marketing and business advice with inspiring lyrical references to form a philosophy termed Brandspiration™.

Her playful yet pragmatic style has been applauded by industry peers, many who turn to her for help crafting their own brands. Unlike some contemporaries, Kimberly views success not only in financial terms but creative terms. Her work is as much focused on defining and creating experiences around her clients’ individual ingenuity as it is in creating profitable brands.

Kimberly is the founder of Club Brandspiration, an online resource community that features interviews and personal branding workshops with Kimberly’s exclusive network of branding and marketing experts.

She is also the author of Brandspiration: My Momma Said…, a short book on brand reputation that she wrote in one night while rocking her restless six-month old to sleep and typing her ideas on an iPhone. The book ranked #13 in Kindle’s Hottest Selling Books just one month after its release.

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