Celebrity Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Producer

Tony Gaskins

Tony Gaskins
Founder, Gaskins Productions

Tony Gaskins Jr. – Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Screenwriter and Producer is the Founder and CEO of Gaskins Productions a film, TV, commercial, and branded content full service production company.

Gaskins has written several books including his latest and bestseller Mrs. Right. Today many view him as being a very successful businessman at the ripe age of 28, yet his story is vast and explains how he overcame major life challenges to get to this point.

Decidely Gaskins turned his life around, immersed himself in the teachings of Christ, his father, and the greatest teachers of our time. He completely removed the radio and television from his daily routine and went into an effective zone that would change the trajectory of his life forever.

He set a goal to be featured on Oprah in two years and he hit the ground running! Gaskins now wore the hats of assistant, manager, agent and publicist. He pitched himself daily to media outlets, schools and organizations to be a keynote speaker. Almost two years to the date Gaskins was called by an Oprah producer to tell his story that he had written about in his first book, What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl. Gaskins went on Oprah and told his story of being a toxic boyfriend and womanizer in college.

The next day he was called by a Tyra Banks producer and was invited to come on her show as a guest expert and introduce his book to the world. The next show, the 700 Club on TBN followed suit. Gaskins continued to represent himself, creating his own pitches.

The three global television appearances all within a couple months of one another, catapulted Gaskins career and life would never be the same. He was only 25 years old at the time. Today, Gaskins is 28 years old and a highly sought after speaker, celebrity life coach and filmmaker bursting onto the scene with his new company, Gaskins Productions.

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