All Hail Nazira Sacasa, The Social Media Queen!

Feel the fear and do it anyway! – Nazira Sacasa The question you should ask yourself: “Is my business strategically utilizing Social Media as a part of our...

Feel the fear and do it anyway! – Nazira Sacasa

The question you should ask yourself: “Is my business strategically utilizing Social Media as a part of our Marketing Mix?” If your answer is “No,” you are not alone. Social Media is no longer a new concept but it is still a turbulent tide. Many entrepreneurs may find it challenging to keep on top of trends in social media.

Industry forecasts indicate that global social ad spending [advertising dollars] will rise 31% this year, to $3.3 billion. Next year, this figure is expected to increase an additional 29% [$4.3 billion]. Interestingly enough, US dominance will start to fallback and international social marketing priority will increase more rapidly (Source: eMarketer).

Therefore, if you have been sitting on the sidelines in global Social Media, it’s time to get in the game.

Nazira Sacasa, the founder and CEO of Shout Social, is quickly becoming a resource for companies that recognize the opportunity and she’s making all the calls. The coolest thing about her company is the strategic foundation in which she approaches Social Media – coupling it with in-market activities such as PR, Brand Building, Market Research and much more.

Learn how Nazira is growing her business in a volatile economic environment, overcoming operational growing pains and living life fearlessly.


Company: Shout Social

Founder, Age: Nazira Sacasa, 27

Location: New York, NY

Start-Up Year: 2010

Start-Up Costs: $1,500 [estimate; LLC formation]


How I Got Started

As most people do in PR and Fashion … interning! I started interning in 2001 when I had just graduated high school and was in NYC for the summer. My first internship was in the PR department of Teen People [which has since folded]. After a summer of press clipping, assisting on morning show segment shoots, updating databases, mailing invites and being able to raid the beauty closet on my last day, I was hooked.

After Teen People I interned at Teen Vogue, Showroom Seven, Think PR and a handful of other PR agencies in the city before landing my first job as a PR assistant at Pitch Control PR where I spent almost 3 years and played a huge part in this agency’s successful growth and managed over 10 of the company’s fashion clients’ campaigns. When I left Pitch Control PR, I moved onto Eugenia Kim where I managed the in-house PR department.

After that I went onto Tractenberg & Co. until January of 2009 when I was laid off and as many who have been in that situation, it was a blessing in disguise. Even though I always knew I would eventually start my own business I didn’t know when or how. I began freelancing and bringing on my own clients, mostly through referrals and in January 2010 it was official…Shout Social was born.


Best Success Story

We’ve had so many exciting successes but I think the biggest thing since launching in January is being fortunate to build and maintain a consistent client base. We currently represent a strong selection of established and independent designers.


Startup Challenges

One of the biggest challenges is not having a showroom and office yet. As a startup, renting an office in New York City is nearly impossible however we’ve started to look for a space and hope to move in by the end of the year.

As a fashion PR agency we are constantly getting sample requests from editors and stylists and not having a place to house all the samples and a place where editors can pull from can become a little exhausting. Currently we work out of The Bean in the East Village and even though we love their iced vanilla lattes, not having a place where we can meet our current and potential clients is probably the biggest challenge for us.


Entrepreneurship Tips

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

That’s my life motto and the only way I’ve gotten where I am today. Another important thing I’ve learned to do is to ask. Asking is a very powerful tool and skill and not many people feel comfortable reaching out and asking.

Also, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs that are starting, and successful entrepreneurs. A strong support system is important, especially as you are starting out. Get out and meet people. Never underestimate the power of meeting people and networking. And lastly, always believe in yourself and your ideas.


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