How This 19-Year-Old Became An Expert And Bestselling Author

My name is Ali Scarlett, and I believe information is a form of power.

Photo: Ali Scarlett | Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Ali Scarlett | Source: Courtesy Photo

My name is Ali Scarlett, and I believe information is a form of power. To empower others so they can achieve anything they set their minds to, I shorten other people’s learning curve by sharing all of the wisdom I acquire as a lifelong student of personal and professional development.

Thinking over my career options, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But, I didn’t exactly know how I was going to grow my business if I started it. There was never any concrete idea of where the revenue I needed to confidently run and grow my business was going to come from. Until I became a bestselling author.

Publishing a book positioned me as an expert in my field. It put me in a position where instead of going out looking for customers, customers started to come to me. It gave me a competitive advantage over my competitors because they didn’t have the authority I did. And, now, I’m going to show you exactly how I did it so you can gain the same life-changing results in your own life and business.


1. Start with ‘why’

Start with ‘why.’ People will take an interest in what you do depending on their own interests, but they will only part with their money for your product or service if they truly believe in why you’re doing what you do. So, why are you writing a book? Your business makes money based on its ability to provide value to the marketplace. So, you need to find a way to persuade the marketplace to exchange the value that you bring to the table for their money. And, a great way to do that is to tell them why.

Tell them why you’re writing this book, why they should keep reading, why you started your business. I made sure to put my ‘why’ in the introduction of my book just as I shared my ‘why’ with you at the beginning of this article.

You can put your ‘why’ on the homepage of your website where your it will also help to build your brand. Or, if you run your business off of a singular landing page that works as a sales page, you might have an “About Me” section. You can put your ‘why’ right at the beginning where it will make your copywriting even more persuasive.


2. Become an expert

To become an expert, I recommend following these three steps:

  • Choose an industry/niche/skill
  • Study every expert in that field
  • Share what you know with the world (podcast, blog, video, books, etc.)

You can’t be considered an expert for only knowing what you know. You’re considered an expert for sharing what you know. In other words, if you already know everything about a topic but you never share that knowledge with the world, yet you still claim to be an “expert”, people will really view you as more of a “self-proclaimed expert”. And, that’s because there’s no way they can prove that you know what you’re talking about if you never talk about it.

Photo: Rawpixel.com, YFS Magazine, Adobe Stock
Photo: Rawpixel.com, YFS Magazine

So, the more knowledge you share, the more of an expert you become in the eyes of others because you’re providing proof that you really have the knowledge you claim to have. And, your knowledge is a form of value that you can provide to the marketplace in the form of podcast interviews, blog posts, or, in my case, books.

Remember, this all builds your authority so that prospects come running to you before anyone else. If you run a cleaning business and want to be viewed as a cleaning expert, you have to be willing to prove your expertise by sharing your knowledge.


3. Launch!

After you’ve written your knowledge and experience in your book, it’s time to launch! Be sure to launch your book by promoting it to your target audience specifically. That way, not only will you gain more traction and publicity around your book, but your book reviews will be better since you’re attracting buyers who are already interested in the type of content you’re sharing.

For example, my bestselling book is a non-fiction self-development and business book on how to network the right way. Sounds valuable right? Only to the people that I aim to reach with my work. If I would’ve promoted this same book to an audience that’s only interested in sci-fi thriller books—more toward entertainment than personal and professional development—not many would buy. And, the ones who did might leave bad reviews since it’s not what they’re interested in anyway.


4. Profit!

The most important thing to remember is that the only things standing between you and anything you want to accomplish are time and a skill set. When you publish your book, you’ll be more than viewed as an expert in your space. You’ll suddenly find yourself with opportunities coming to you, not only to increase your business revenue but to also become a bigger, more authoritative figure in your space.

When I launched my book, I began to notice emails in my inbox inviting me to podcast interviews and speaking engagements. I noticed my work being featured in publications and being shared by readers, prospects, and new fans alike. I started to get messages from readers thanking me for my book, saying they view me as a mentor and teacher. And, I got prospects at my door begging me to let them in.

Sounds like a dream? It isn’t, so long as you remember that the only things standing between you and anything you want to accomplish are time and a skill set. So, go after it!


Ali Scarlett is a certified networking expert and #1 national bestselling author of The Clever Connector. Sign up for his free relationship-building tips via his website, aliscarlett-author.com.


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