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Lorenzo Tawakol Sets a New Standard in Luxury Chartered Sailing

Luxury Sailing is bridging the gap between luxury sailing charters and eco-sustainability, offering the ultimate way to explore the seas.

Imagine visiting a five-star restaurant only to misunderstand the ingredients and order something that doesn’t suit your palate. The experience wouldn’t seem worthwhile. Similarly, booking a cruise without understanding the vessel that will be your home on the journey can rob you of coveted vacation days.

So, let’s dive into the basics of ships with the co-founder of Luxury Sailing, Lorenzo Tawakol, who provides insights into the boats that make the core of his company.

Luxury Sailing, launched in 2019, sails Sardinia and Seychelles in French beauties – Lagoon 50, and Lagoon 46 (better known as Tigre), and the versatile Leopard 45. These sailing catamarans are specifically designed to offer a luxurious cruise for travelers, with affordability and sustainability in mind.


Why a catamaran and not a yacht?

Catamaran enthusiasts fondly call it “the cat” and prefer it for number of advantages they hail while sailing them. If you are a loyal cruiser, you might already know the difference between these two sailing beauties. If not, the key distinction between a catamaran and a monohull yacht is their structure.

More specifically, a catamaran has multiple hulls, whereas a yacht has only one hull. The hull is a watertight main body of the ship. Catamarans have two or three hulls (i.e., trimarans), offering more stability to the ship. Cruisers can walk and indulge in activities on board more safely on a catamaran than on a monohull sailing yacht, making it more family friendly.

Catamarans also provide additional covered space for various activities, better views, and a relaxing area where you can enjoy the sound of the waves. They are generally considered safer than yachts, enabling cruisers to explore the blues of the sea.


An inside look into the catamaran

Luxury Sailing’s catamaran is the best example of where sustainability meets luxury as Lorenzo shares, “It is the perfect solution for an environment-friendly market, having a powerful water-maker, transforming salt water from the sea into portable drinking water for shower and bathroom, reducing water consumption onboard, solar panels and inverter to generate ‘free’ electricity.”

The catamaran also features a flybridge with a breathtaking sea view from a height and cabins with luxury-designed interiors. These cabins have a double bed, wardrobe, and a private shower to keep your privacy intact, making you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the trip.


Cruise with Luxury Sailing: Here’s what you need to know

The packages include 3, 4, and 7-night trips commencing from Sardinia to Porto Cervo, La Maddalena, or Corsica (Bonifacio). These packages are full board, which means you are served with freshly prepared tantalizing seafood thrice a day.

You get fully furnished cabins for two with a private shower. You have a bar and luxury sitting areas where you can connect with others and have the most memorable time together on the beds of the sea. Experience it all on the waters with excursions, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more.

So, if you are looking for a new sea adventure, contact Lorenzo Tawakol at Luxury Sailing and plan a cruise that’s well worth your time and money.


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