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Reclaim Your Garden: Design Outdoor Spaces for Fresh Air Productivity and Privacy

Outdoor areas, like your garden, offer access to fresh air and benefit cognitive functions and overall well-being.

Making the most of your garden space can be one of life’s most simple pleasures. Yet, not all of us have the luxury of privacy when enjoying our open spaces. Luckily, for those of us who crave fresh air away from prying eyes, there are plenty of ways to create a budget-friendly private space.

Particularly in medium to high-density residential neighborhoods, our gardens can be exposed to neighbors or passers-by. While you may not have nosy neighbors or rubber-necking locals stealing your peace, having the ability to tune out your surroundings and enjoy outdoor spaces is essential to enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Outdoor areas, like your garden, offer access to fresh air and benefit cognitive functions and overall well-being. Sunlight diminishes our stress response, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure while stimulating reward neurons in the brain for higher productivity and creativity—something we could all use a bit more of.

So, how can you ensure that your garden has the right levels of privacy from the outside world? Let’s look at some of the most practical ways to reclaim your garden as your personal space:


Embrace garden screens

While installing a taller fence is a surefire way to add privacy to your garden, it risks making you feel more penned in and can prevent natural light from reaching all areas of your space–particularly in the evenings and during the winter months.

Instead, fence panels or a trellis can be excellent alternatives that can screen areas of your garden in a way that helps to maintain an open and spacious feel throughout the area.

Here, it’s possible to create a secluded outdoor seating area to work, entertain guests, or enjoy tranquility in peace. Whether you add a slatted fence or climbing plants to keep your garden feeling natural is down to your creative direction, but the addition of screening can help to shield you from privacy concerns or unsightly objects like your bins or street lamps.


Utilize large potted plants for natural privacy

Building a container garden can be a great way of creating some natural privacy without the need to spend more on fencing. Large, tall potted plants care portable and provide a natural privacy screen in a non-permanent way.

Investing in large potted plants can be a flexible experience too, and with a little research, you’ll be able to spot a species that suits your style requirements.

For example, Canto stone planters, like those produced by Lechuza, are designed for larger plants to enhance outdoor privacy. Planing fast-growing bamboo in stone planters can help you to create a natural screen in a matter of months.


Install a water feature to reduce noise pollution

Privacy is more than visibility. Noise pollution can serve as an unwanted reminder that you’re exposed to nearby traffic, construction, or social activities. In these cases, acoustical environmental quality–especially in urban areas–can suffer and serve as a constant annoyance.

To remedy this, installing a water feature can provide a calming aural ambiance that helps you to feel as though you’re the only person for miles around. It can also add a layer of privacy when working or entertaining guests.


Use shade sails for comprehensive protection

Whether you regularly entertain guests in your garden or enjoy a little al fresco office hours or dining, shade sails are perfect to keep your outdoor space private and well-protected against the elements.

Not only can installing a shade sail help to provide some easy shelter from the world around you, but it can also help to offer UV and wind protection–empowering you to get the most out of your garden in a healthy manner.


Consider pop-up canopies for complete privacy

If you consistently struggle for privacy or have curtain-twitching neighbors, adding a pop-up canopy can help to create a truly secluded outdoor space. Characterized by curtains that can be pulled back or closed completely means that you can enjoy an outdoor space without anybody peering into your private space.


Add character to fences via upcycling

Garden fences or privacy screens don’t have to be plain wood or concrete. Upcycled materials can help to add some much-needed character if you decide to go big with your perimeter boundaries. The great thing about using upcycled materials as part of your fencing is that visitors will no longer see your garden boundary and will be drawn to its finer details rather than what lies beyond it.


Adding natural privacy to your garden

There are many ways to add privacy to your garden in a relatively easy and low-cost manner. Whether you choose to keep things green with tall plants, break up your space with shields, or opt for an upcycled hybrid that incorporates the best of a combination of ideas, nothing should stop you from finding peace and productivity in your outdoor spaces–no matter where you live.


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