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How To Build A ‘Feminine As F*ck’ Empire, According To Monica Yates

Monica Yates breaks down the effort it really takes to 'be in your feminine' as a successful business owner.

It’s come to my attention that some people who watch other successful female entrepreneurs “in their feminine” think all they must do to attract clients is post sparingly, meditate, take a bath, and presto, they’ve opened the floodgates. And if no clients come, it’s not meant to be, and they try something else.⁠⁠

Instead, let’s break down the effort it takes to “be in your feminine” as a business owner.


Always do what feels right.

So, on those days that you just can’t be bothered, you should just cancel your clients and not show up? No. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to build success, people must trust you. If you do not show up with a backbone, you aren’t getting my truth.


You cannot grow a business without putting in hours.

When women say, “I run my business from my feminine and work 4 hours a week,” I’m like, yeah, maybe now, but you can’t sell people on that because you must put in the blood, sweat, and tears before you get to that point.

“It’s the masculine structure that gives you the feminine flow.”

People that make a lot of money in their business work hard. I’m consistently putting in the hours required so people feel like they can trust and hire me or attend one of my programs. They want to know that it’ll help them before they buy, and that takes hours and work. I show them through all my free content that I’m good at my job and I’m a safe investment. It’s the masculine structure that gives you the feminine flow.


Market yourself and be visible or no one will hire you.

You need action and some ‘strategy’ that feels good for people to feel like you have a legit business and aren’t just fluffing about and not taking the customers’ investment seriously.

Not having a set structure and a concrete action plan is just a way to be lazy remove personal accountability and shrug while saying: “It wasn’t meant to be.” Some things aren’t, but if you don’t put effort into your business in the first 2-3 years (and I mean effort), then you’ll never know if you were just being lazy or if it wasn’t in the cards. A critical part of manifestation is action.


Be in your feminine with masculine structure (i.e., consistency, direction, and determination).

If you are only in your feminine and your business has sh*t customer service, a lack of direction for your clients, broken systems, and low-performance operations, will clients feel supported during their experience? It’s unlikely. Instead, you’ll impede growth if you have no direction, discernment, planning, and discipline. To be successful in your feminine, you need a masculine container.


What it takes to become a feminine CEO

Please, don’t look at other people on Instagram and think they just float around all day, never sit at their desk, and still make millions. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and in The Feminine CEO,  a sophisticated, unconventional coaching program that guides you through feminine energy, masculine structure, heart-based leadership, and more – I teach you all of it. Not only do you get healing related to business, but you also get every detail, tool, and strategy I have personally implemented in my business from 2019 up until now.

One of the biggest loads of nonsense is the “feminine business scam” where, basically, they forgot to mention that:

  • the masculine structure is vital (and what it is);
  • they don’t have a highly professional business (hint: not the right business mentor for you); and
  • they grew their business to make X amount of annual income because they did it in their masculine and now, they’re full tilt “feminine.”

Can you see the inconsistency?

If someone else teaches you how to build a business “in your feminine like they did,” but instead built it by hustling — then they cannot help you build your business in your feminine. They’ll try, but it’ll likely not work because they haven’t done it before. Second, you cannot build a business completely in your feminine.

I’ll never stop harping on about this overlooked and underrated quality of successful feminine-focused business owners: You can only be in your feminine in business if you incorporate your masculine. To put it another way, you need to feel like there’s a man holding you in your business, or your feminine will not be expressed in a stable way.


Monica Yates is a trauma healer, feminine/masculine embodiment coach, and period expert. I’m also the podcast host of the Feminine As F*ck Podcast (more than 1.6 million downloads) and run a business helping people from all walks of life get into their magnetic feminine energy, feel safe letting men lead, heal their cycle and be free of the trauma and energetic blocks that hold them back from living their dream life. She has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Men’s Health and more. Learn more at monicayateshealth.com.  


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