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Dr. Lenore Matthew Explores Intersection of Science and Spirituality

Dr. Lenore Matthew conducts studies on the impact of afterlife experiences as it pertains to mental health, well-being, and grief processes.

Science and spirituality are often viewed as mutually exclusive subjects. However, an emerging body of research challenges this perception, providing compelling evidence that science and spirituality can coexist – and even enhance one another.

Dr. Lenore Matthew, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, holds a doctorate of social work with a specialization in grief, the afterlife, and mind-body-spirit healing, as well as research, evaluation, and evidence-based practice. Her work focuses on exploring the relationship between science and spirit as it pertains to mental health. An emergent leader in the space, Dr. Matthew skillfully integrates scientific rigor with spiritual insights. As a result, her research explores the interplay between seemingly distinct subjects beyond conventional boundaries.

“There’s a lot of misconception around intuitive abilities and experiences. As a society, and especially in the mental health field, we don’t talk about them or take them seriously. But the reality is we all have intuitive abilities,” says Dr. Matthew.

“We’ve all had that gut feeling, for example, that something feels wrong or right. Moreover, when we go against that intuitive knowing, we tend to feel worse. But when we follow it, even if we can’t envision the outcome, there’s an ease and lightness to being. Learning how to tap into our intuition helps us all live more authentic, aligned, and expansive lives.”

In her grief recovery practice, Dr. Matthew helps individuals learn how to tap into their intuitive abilities to connect with their departed loved ones, fostering ongoing relationships across dimensions. At the intersection of scientific inquiry and spiritual practice a concept of alternative healing methods emerges to broaden understanding of connections between the physical and spiritual world.

Dr. Matthew recently conducted a study on mediumship—the unforeseen emergence of intuitive abilities in adulthood following the loss of a loved one. The objective of the study was to understand how this phenomenon impacts mental health and grief and to set forth recommendations for mental health practitioners.

Thirty-one participants with diverse backgrounds shared their sudden mediumship experiences after the passing of a loved one. Her approach combined in-depth interviews and questionnaires using a community-based participatory research (CBPR) method. This research approach involves researchers and community members positioning a participant’s personal lived experience at the forefront (interpretive phenomenological analysis).

Study findings indicated that newfound intuitive abilities and connection to a departed loved one had a positive impact on the participants’ well-being and healing processes. In 2023, she presented her study at the 65th Annual Parapsychological Association Convention in Oslo, Norway.

Ultimately, Dr. Matthew’s research aims to broaden and normalize the discourse of mediumship studies as it relates to mental health and well-being. Her work challenges traditional dichotomies and calls for a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of the human experience. To explore additional insights and findings visit drlenorematthew.com.


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