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8 Popular Ways to Invest In Sports

If you’re a big sports fan with a penchant for investing, it’s time to get in the game.

Investing and sports can be unpredictable, fast-moving, ever-changing, and exciting. Yet you rarely see the two industries mentioned in the same breath. Why is that?

If you think you need millions to devote to a passion investment in the sports industry, think again. Many sports fans mistakenly believe the only way to secure an income from their love of sports is through buying a sports team (if you have millions to spare), sports betting, and relying on a the best odds calculator. However, anyone can invest in professional sports thanks to advancements and access to new technology.

Before you invest your hard-earned cash in the sports industry here’s what you should know:


Investing in the Sports Industry

One of the primary advantages of sports investments is the rapidly increasing revenue and value of the sports industry. The expansion of broadcasting rights and the establishment of major sports leagues have led to the increased commercialization of sports, making it a profitable opportunity for investors.

“In 2024 we expect that the investor base exploring opportunities in sport will continue to expand, certain sport assets will likely attract record valuations and women’s sport will continue on its growth trajectory.”Deloitte’s 2024 Sports Investment Outlook

There’s no need to be the world’s biggest sports fan to invest, but it certainly helps. As is the case when investing in any stock or share, the more you know about the subject, the smarter and more successful your investments will be. If you follow the latest sports news, understand competition and potential payouts, and can speculate what the short-term future holds, you’re already on a strong footing.


Getting Started

There are the more traditional sports investment routes that allow you to buy shares in your favorite soccer team or add a famous name from sports to your investment portfolio. However, times have changed and lowered barriers to entry with new and innovative ways to rally behind your favorite sports teams and athletes with your hard-earned cash; and potentially earn a healthy return and tidy profit.

Gone are the days when sports fans were passive consumers of entertainment. Technology has lowered barriers to connect teams and fans and cultivate engagement at every level. From covering games as a content writer to following sports investing trends, there are more ways than ever to invest and own a little or large piece of the club.



One of the most traditional sports investment methods involves purchasing stocks or equities in professional sports teams. Owning shares in publicly traded teams allows investors to capitalize on the success and profitability of these organizations. With the global popularity of sports franchises, investing in teams can provide lucrative returns, especially when teams perform well in their respective leagues.


Fantasy Sports and Online Betting

The rise of fantasy sports and betting platforms has created a thriving investment market for sports enthusiasts. Fantasy sports leagues enable participants to create virtual teams composed of real players from various sports leagues. These platforms generate revenue through user engagement, subscriptions, and advertising. Additionally, the legalization of sports gambling in many regions, has opened a lucrative market for aspiring investors.


Sports Media

Investing in media rights and broadcasting companies that secure rights to air sports events can be a profitable venture. An increased demand for sports content across various platforms presents an opportunity for broadcast rights buyers worldwide stand to benefit from advertising revenue, subscription fees, and amplified viewership. Streaming services, television networks, and digital platforms are continually vying for sports content which presents investment opportunities in the sector.


Sports Infrastructure and Facilities

Investing in the construction, renovation, or ownership of sports facilities is another avenue for potential returns. Stadiums, arenas, training facilities, and sports complexes are integral components of the sports industry. Investing in infrastructure, either through direct ownership or real estate investment trusts (REITs), can yield steady returns, particularly in locations with high demand for sports events and entertainment.


Sports Sponsorships

Capitalizing on the marketing power of athletes through endorsements and sponsorships can be a lucrative strategy. Brands often seek partnerships with successful athletes to promote products or services. Investing in companies that secure endorsements or managing agencies that represent athletes can offer exposure to the intersection of sports and marketing, leveraging athletes’ influence to drive sales and brand recognition.


Sports Technology

The advancement of sports technology innovation presents opportunities for investors. From wearable devices that track athletic performance to progresses in sports analytics and fan engagement technologies, investing in sports tech startups or established companies at the forefront of innovation can yield substantial returns. These technologies often enhance player performance, fan experiences, and operational efficiencies within sports organizations.


Sports Memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia, such as autographed merchandise, trading cards, and historic sports artifacts, has been a longstanding niche market.  Rare and valuable items can appreciate significantly over time, making them attractive investments for passionate collectors and investors alike. The market for sports memorabilia continues to thrive, driven by nostalgia and the emotional connection fans have with sports history.


Sports Education

Investing in sports education and training academies catering to aspiring athletes represents an opportunity to support talent development while potentially generating returns. These academies focus on providing coaching, training facilities, and academic programs tailored to athletes aiming to excel in their respective sports. With the growing emphasis on nurturing young talent, investing in such academies can be both rewarding and impactful.


The sports industry is attracting ever more private investors seeking to capitalize on the tremendous growth of sports leagues and individual teams, but also to benefit from the diversification these investments offer. If you’re a big sports fan with a penchant for investing, it’s time to get in the game.


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