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Bright Future Recovery Founder Cheree Ashley Tackles the Opioid Crisis With Compassion

Amid the increase in nation-wide addiction rates, Cheree Ashley's compassionate approach to substance abuse recovery touches lives holistically.

Getting over an addiction is a bumpy ride with lots of highs and lows. Yet, finding a safe space can cut through the stigma of substance abuse and clear the path for healing. Echoing this approach, Cheree Ashley has dedicated her life to make the journey smoother.

As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Addiction Specialist, Cheree draws from her journey of opiate addiction to recovery by offering support to substance abuse victims. She recognizes the dire situation of those who lack access to proper detox programs.

In 2015, after earning certification as an Intervention Professional, Cheree launched Bright Future Recovery, a Hollister, California-based medication-assisted detox facility with a 24-hour medical team. Her facility offers substance abuse recovery services through specialized counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and a dedicated facility designed to help individuals overcome addiction and maintain long-term recovery.

“It’s personal to me because I’ve managed to beat it and find my way to sobriety.”

Her own triumph led her to help others recover. “I’m really passionate about tackling the opioid crisis, she says. “It’s personal to me because I’ve managed to beat it and find my way to sobriety.”

Like recovery, Cheree’s facility is uniquely a family affair. Her husband, mother, grandmother, and devoted employees all form a supportive, professional, and family-oriented environment for clients. Dedicated to providing compassionate care and support, Cheree prioritizes the well-being of those seeking recovery, regardless of financial constraints.


Compassionately tackling the opioid crisis

Over the past nine years, Bright Future Recovery has provided over a million dollars in scholarships to support more than 3,000 clients in need of substance abuse assistance. “In our case, it’s a genuine service, not a corporate business. If insurance runs out, we’re not kicking our clients out; we’re helping them as much as we can,” she adds.

For over a decade, she has shared her knowledge with other practitioners and clinicians within the health care community. Cheree believes education can help communities embrace those who struggle with addiction.

She has provided drug education to over 18,000 students across the central coast of California, as well as health professionals, teachers, parents, and local communities. As a result, she is sought after by her peers given her deep understanding of the nature of addiction and as a public speaker and educator.

To go beyond detox treatment, Bright Future Recovery aims to tackle the root causes of addiction such as untreated anxiety and depression, unresolved childhood trauma, isolation, or the struggle with co-occurring disorders.


Healing people and communities

Cheree suggests using mindfulness, the 12 steps and other successful modalities to address underlying causes of addiction so people are equipped with the appropriate tools for relapse prevention and long-term recovery success. A mindful approach, crucial for self-compassion, is linked to fewer cravings and a lower relapse risk post-recovery, according to a Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment study.

Bright Future Recovery emphasizes this technique through proven methods, including yoga, meditation, breathwork, and more. Personalized programs are designed to meet the unique needs of clients, which leaves patients feeling valued and understood. Case managers collaborate with families to plan long-term treatment plans and lend support throughout the recovery process. This approach fosters a healing environment. “The staff is very caring, they treated me like family,” according to Ian C., a Bright Future Recovery client.

Beyond the rehabilitation facility, Cheree’s podcast, Hope 2 Hustle, provides a space for thoughtfulness by cultivating conversations on topics relating to addiction, mental health, recovery, and resilience. This dialogue help individuals break the stigma around their struggles and find solace in the shared journey toward healing and renewal.

Amid the increase in nation-wide addiction rates, Cheree Ashley’s compassionate approach is touching lives holistically. As the old-adage says, “To cure rarely, to relieve suffering often, and to comfort always.” As Cheree promotes hope, understanding, and accountability, she aims to educate the youth on drugs and abuse – and ultimately heal generations.


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