How Founder Carrie Drinkwine Is Transforming the Wellness Industry

A health practitioner’s mission to heal from within led her on a regenerative healing and entrepreneurial journey.

Healing from within is a powerful concept that speaks to the human desire to achieve balance and wellness on a deep and fundamental level. Carrie Drinkwine, an established health practitioner, and coach has dedicated her life to this pursuit and aims to revolutionize the wellness industry.

As the founder of Wise Wellness Clinic and The Institute of Regenerative Health, Drinkwine honed her holistic health and regenerative detoxification skills to help people naturally reverse chronic and acute conditions. Her journey to help others began with her diagnosis and battle through three autoimmune diseases and “unexplained infertility.”

Carrie knew there had to be a way to reverse her condition, and although she didn’t know how she wouldn’t stop until she found the answer. This is how Carrie stumbled upon her journey of regenerative detoxification. Yet, she soon realized the industry lacked an integrated approach to the disease-healing process. There was untapped potential for the regenerative healing industry.

Her desire for regenerative health as a solution to and the prevention of illness led her to open The Institute of Regenerative Health, an institute dedicated to teaching practitioners how to get to the root cause of disease and prevent chronic illness.

“Through this work, I realized I that we all have the personal power and ability to regenerate our bodies.”

“Through this work, I realized I that we all have the personal power and ability to regenerate our bodies,” says Drinkwine. “I now train and certify regenerative health practitioners and teach them how to build a thriving career helping people get to the root cause of their ailments and restore their vitality. I help my graduates make a big impact in the world of wellness while building a healthy online income,” she adds.

The institute offers one of the most comprehensive courses in holistic health to equip people with the tools they need to understand the root causes of illness and how to reverse them. Her vision is to train thousands of practitioners to share regenerative health across the world and empower others to take control of their health and wellness.

In her coaching business, Carrie helps women overcome the blocks, traumas, patterns, and cellular beliefs that make their lives stagnant. Her journey towards this began with deep suffering – as she juggled three jobs while building her regenerative health practice from the ground up, surviving five miscarriages, and dealing with a rare diagnosis during her pregnancy.

Through these challenges, she realized her core belief around money was causing stress and preventing her from achieving success and freedom. After a decisive moment of self-discovery, she began the task of deprogramming and rewiring her beliefs, which led to a complete life transformation. Today, she shares her experience and knowledge with others to help them rewrite their own stories and attract everything they desire – health, wealth, and success.

Carrie Drinkwine’s dedication to healing from within has profoundly impacted her life and pursuits within the wellness industry. Today, the founder provides hope and solutions to those who struggle with chronic conditions and limiting beliefs. Her unique approach and passion for empowering others have positioned her as a leader in the field, inspiring others to take control of their health, wellness, and freedom.


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