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5 Tips to Navigate Weight Loss Plateaus

When you've plateaued in your weight loss goals, this can be a great time to take your fitness plans to the next level.

The first few weeks of losing weight can be exciting, as you may see and feel the change. Every pound lost motivates you — but then comes the day when the numbers on the scale stop moving. This is the notorious weight loss plateau. It can happen when the same workout and diet isn’t yielding the same results. It’s imperative to stay strong during this phase because if you give up now, restarting may be twice as difficult.

For starters, understand the physiology of weight loss plateaus. It may be due to metabolic adaptation as your slimmer body needs less energy. Other reasons may be water retention or the muscle you’re gaining is denser than fat. Remind yourself that weight loss is not a linear journey, and these plateaus can be overcome with time and patience.

Effort without the results you want can be frustrating. Don’t lose hope. Push yourself forward. Here are five tips that may help you navigate this difficult phase and get back on track to achieve your weight loss goals.


1. Fortify your diet

The initial drop in pounds is proof of your diet being effective, so don’t abandon it. Keep eating healthy and stay hydrated. To strengthen your diet, try adding some supplements like apple cider vinegar (ACV) for a boost in gut health and immunity. If you find the taste too bitter, try ACV gummies for a quick and convenient fix. Make sure the brand you choose has the “Mother,” as that’s what contains the good bacteria that can improve gut health.

If you’ve just reduced your junk food intake, now is the time to eliminate it. There’s always room for improvement, so scrutinize your meals and replace everything with processed sugar. Try new recipes for different healthy foods. Explore new flavor profiles, as spices hardly have any calories, but they can break up monotony. People eating the same kind of food every day — like broccoli, rice, and chicken — are more likely to stay stuck in the plateau phase for longer.


2. Add variety to your routine

Shake free from the weight loss plateau by mixing up your diet and exercise routine. Along with your workout, take up dance classes or a sport to have fun in the evenings. Not only does this make you more active but you may meet other like-minded people and make new friends. Introverted folks can opt for nature walks so you can clear up your mind while burning calories. Getting out in nature can also offer great mental health benefits.

Staying fit should not be a chore, but a way of life. Bring in some extra movement in everything you do, to get beyond this plateau phase. You’d be surprised to know how many calories are burned by household chores. Train your muscles and watch the toughest job become easier and easier. It’s okay to take a break if you’re tired but ask yourself if you’re truly exhausted or just feeling lazy.


3. Stay accountable

Keep a strict eye on your lifestyle and identify any signs of complacency. You must discipline yourself to prevent slipping. Keep a food diary to track your intake and ensure you’re not unintentionally consuming more calories than you think. Sometimes, those extra nibbles are the culprit behind a plateau. Reassess your workout plan to make sure you’re not slacking.

Ask a friend to check your progress too, so you have a sense of accountability. It doesn’t always have to be pounds on the scale. Losing inches is also progress and so is climbing extra stairs without breaking a sweat. Keep looking back at the changes you’ve made as motivation to go further. Think of the plateau as a resting phase after which the weight loss accelerates again.


4. Allow time to recharge

While you need to keep pushing yourself to overcome the plateau, don’t overdo it. If you’re dealing with an injury, like a pulled muscle, rest it out instead of aggravating the injury. Maybe you should replace high-intensity training with something that keeps the body active without pushing it to the extreme. Find sustainable exercise regimes that are easy to complete and fit into your routine.

Regulating your sleep is just as important as your diet and exercise. A poor sleep cycle can alter hormone levels, leading to increased hunger and cravings. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep, so you have energy to overcome the weight loss plateau phase. The trick is to create a winding down routine an hour before you plan to sleep. Calm your nerves and use this time to meditate, destress, and think positively.


5. Be patient

Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating, but they’re not the end of the road. Celebrate the progress you’ve made and remind yourself why you started this journey. A mental shift can have a bigger impact than changing your meals or gym routine. The goal is a happier and healthier version of yourself, so just keep trying.

Acknowledge the effort you’re making and reward yourself when you reach milestones. However, be careful not to undo all your progress by celebrating with too many unhealthy foods. Instead, buy yourself new clothes or spend a day at the spa as a treat for working so hard. Whatever you do, don’t compare your progress with others or follow their advice blindly. Everyone’s body has different needs, so find your path and move at your own pace.

Although weight loss plateaus feel like hitting a brick wall, the only way forward is to bulldoze through it. Remind yourself that this is normal and just another phase of the journey. Carry on with the same patience and perseverance, and you’ll thank yourself in the future.


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