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Build A Wildly Successful Business With Human Design In Mind

Building a human design business puts people first in the most literal sense. Here's how to get started.

A human design business puts people first in the most literal sense. By leading with human design, you’ll prioritize everyone’s needs according to their energy types, which will also help you run your company better. Understanding your energy and any employees’ enables you to help them with work-life balance and avoid burnout, which could be detrimental. Human design is a unique concept that can help you personally and professionally.


Become a human design-focused entrepreneur

Your human design business puts people first by prioritizing their strengths. When you build a team according to human design types, you can have someone covering every weakness and make your enterprise stronger.


Your team will become more self-aware.

When people work according to how they can manage their energy, they work better. According to one study, about 45% of employees report having energy-building experiences at work. When people know how to manage themselves at work best, confidence prevails.

Work-life balance will thrive.

Whether working remotely or in-office, your team needs a proper work-life balance to keep themselves healthy and motivated. In one study, people found health and family 25 percent more important than other areas outside of work. By understanding how everyone manages their days, they can separate their working and personal lives.

Your employees will start to understand the value of working at their best while also taking time for themselves. Microbreaks — breaks lasting less than 10 minutes — also have a great impact in fighting off burnout, which can ensure workers stay happy and healthy.

Employees will take better care of themselves.

Burnout is a real thing that can prevent people from living life to its fullest. Those who focus too intensely on work may neglect to care for themselves. Burnout is common in many fields — especially among healthcare providers, with 40% of workers feeling some burnout. When the staff manages their energy better, neither you nor them will feel so burnt out. Working according to their energy levels may also help your team manage their mental health. Knowing when to take breaks and remain present can lower depression and anxiety. When workers don’t feel so burnt out or hopeless, they can prioritize other facets of themselves, allowing them to bring their best to work every day.


How to build a human design business

Prioritizing human design in business can help you form a well-rounded team that makes your company thrive. While it may not immediately cause your business to grow, adding to your team with human design in mind can only benefit it. Here’s how to build a perfect crew from the ground up.


Know your energy.

Knowing your energy type can help you manage yourself better. For example, if you’re a Generator, you may need a Manifestor to help you with ideas you can implement. Figuring out your energy type also lets you see where you may need support in your business and where to direct your focus next.

Recruit others with complementary energy.

If you plan to employ others, try to recruit people with complementary energy. Initially, you’ll want to look for someone who has the opposite power of you. Though your energy might differ, you can still work together and cover each other’s weaknesses while bringing your best ideas to life.

It might be tricky to get a feel for someone’s energy right away — particularly if they don’t understand human design. However, you can keep an eye out for it in other ways, such as:

  • How do they plan their days?
  • What makes them feel accomplished?
  • How do they start a project?

After that, look for people who will help your business thrive and have a passion for working with others.


Become a Winning Human Design Entrepreneur

It takes work to start your own business. You might have as many setbacks as you do successes. However, understanding more about yourself and learning how to succeed can only benefit you.

Your human design business prioritizes growth in your company, the people who work for you and yourself. When you learn more about how you work your best, you can better balance the role your business plays in your life and how much of yourself you devote to it.


Beth Rush is the career and finance editor at Body+Mind. She has 5+ years of experience writing about time management strategies and the power of human design to reveal entrepreneurial potential. She also writes about using the emotion of awe to activate our leadership prowess.


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