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The Art of the Double Play: How Persistence Wins in Business and Baseball

Adam Battersby says it’s not just about conquering the curveball on the field; it's about conquering the curveballs life throws at you as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial success often hinges not just on groundbreaking ideas but on the unwavering commitment to relentless persistence. At ProBatter Sports, this quality isn’t just a footnote; it’s the bedrock upon which our journey has been built. Founded in 1999, our story is rooted in a simple, yet pressing need in baseball.

Photo: Adam Battersby, President of ProBatter Sports | Courtesy
Photo: Adam Battersby, President of ProBatter Sports | Courtesy

My dad volunteered as a coach on my youth league teams when I was a kid––and a typical player struggling with the challenge of hitting a curveball.  In trying to help me, he recognized a major flaw in the traditional pitching machines used to train hitters.  They were not programmable, and a hitter could never time a pitch because the balls often did not roll smoothly into the delivery mechanism.

It was these inherent flaws that sparked an idea––a revolutionary three-wheel pitch head capable of replicating every conceivable pitch a real pitcher could deliver, at any speed and to any desired spot. It was integrated with software that synched up the projected video image of an actual pitcher delivering pitches and voila––the ProBatter pitching simulator was born.  Our virtual reality-meets-reality technology represented a quantum leap over the old Iron Mike pitching machines that suddenly rendered a relic of the past.

Our inception came about from recognizing a problem and persistently seeking a solution. Of course, the path to introducing our revolutionary pitching simulator to market was fraught with obstacles. After the design work was done, came the mammoth task of creating the infrastructure to manufacture and sell our new products.  Developing an effective sales team was a nightmare, as was the threat of competitors trying to swoop in and knock off our invention. At every turn, the wheels threatened to fall off, but we pushed on.

One of our biggest challenges was the high price tag of our product. In a market where our first simulators were priced significantly higher than the competition, our journey demanded more than innovation; it required unwavering belief in our product and a commitment to finding creative solutions. As it was, resistance often greeted us—a reluctance to embrace new technologies, a hesitation to move away from established norms. In these moments, our resolve to persist was tested. However, setbacks fueled our determination rather than dampening our spirits.

Through it all, persistence was our guiding principle. We crafted literature illustrating how training facilities could not only benefit from our simulator but turn it into a lucrative investment. It was about conveying that our product wasn’t merely an expense but a strategic asset––a tool that could pay dividends over time.

The turning point came not from a stroke of fortune but from the power of perseverance. A chance encounter led to a meeting with Brian Cashman, the General Manager of the New York Yankees, who wound up purchasing five of our simulators––a watershed moment that stemmed from our steadfastness in building a network and cultivating relationships. The endorsement of big-league players like Jason Giambi paved the way for our machine to find its place not just in professional clubs but also in collegiate programs.  It drove home the message that prioritizing relationship-building could be as instrumental as innovation in product development.

Our evolution reflects the essence of sticking with the program––a willingness to be flexible without compromising our core values, a readiness to innovate while staying true to our vision. And as we navigated uncharted territories, our commitment to building robust relationships continued to be a guiding force.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability and persistence go hand in hand. Staying relevant demands not just ingenuity, but also a constant willingness to pivot, refine and evolve.

Perseverance is crucial when pursuing goals, be it in business or sports. Despite facing rejections and setbacks, staying focused on moving forward is key. Just as athletes persist through slumps, in business, maintaining a proactive approach is vital. Each setback is an opportunity for growth; staying resilient and concentrating on the next steps is essential. Success breeds success, as securing even one customer can pave the way for further achievements by influencing others’ perceptions and attracting more opportunities.

In the end, it’s not just about conquering the curveball on the field; it’s about conquering the curveballs life throws at you as an entrepreneur. It’s about channeling the spirit of persistence––transforming setbacks into opportunities, rejections into motivations, and challenges into victories.


Adam Battersby, President of ProBatter Sports, graduated with a degree in business management from Providence College.  He was the inspiration for the original concept of the ProBatter pitching simulator, working with his father to refine its design.  Adam took a passion for baseball and a boyhood dream of playing in the major leagues and combined it with a desire to help young athletes achieve their goals.  Today he runs day-to-day operations for the company which has received 13 U.S. patents and more than 20 international patents for its revolutionary technology.


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