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How Multi-Hyphenate Entrepreneur Matt Jacob Diversified His Business Portfolio

Matt Jacob, founder of MOOD Studio shares the three personal attributes that enabled him to diversify his business portfolio.

It is truly a marvel to take up different vocations at distinctive stages in one’s life and ace them all. It is not an easy feat – going against the traditional career path requires a set of qualities to ensure ultimate success. By this token, Matt Jacob of MOOD Studio shares the three attributes that enabled him to add variety to his professional portfolio.

Matt has masterfully worn many hats throughout his praise-worthy career as a pilot, gym owner, and photographer. He always had a passion for being a pilot and a photographer. At eighteen years-old he started his professional journey by enrolling in the Business and Economics undergrad program at Newcastle University, while simultaneously taking multiple odd jobs to support himself throughout college.

After graduation, he began to train as a pilot, finally getting his first opportunity to fly cargo planes across Europe, several years into his training. His secondary dream of being a photographer was helped along when he transitioned into the private jet sector. This job allowed Matt to travel across the most beautiful and exotic places, capturing human stories and scenic views with his camera. His job also took him to Hong Kong, where he lived for almost a decade and co-established a chain of high-end gyms, Pinnacle Performance, before moving to Bali in 2022. Here Matt brought his unique artistry to cultural photography and portraits, establishing his studio, MOOD.

Matt acknowledges that the development of his well-rounded portfolio over the years wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While he considers his career as a pilot a great success, and as a photographer a “work in progress,” he admits failures and setbacks across his professional journey. Matt considers success to be a subjective and personal process with ups and downs. “I have failed at many business ideas or attempted ‘side-hustles’ and been ok at one or two. How I define success though may not be the same as anyone else,” he admits.

In spite of the highs and lows through his entrepreneurial journey, he credits three personal attributes that helped him along the way.



Before undertaking any career path, it is necessary to ask yourself questions like, “Do I enjoy this?” and “Am I passionate about this?” Your passion, fondness for a particular career path, and a pragmatic mindset are the perfect ingredients for a victorious addition to your portfolio. Your passion can ensure that you keep going even when things get complicated. Matt’s passion for flying kept him afloat during several years of tiresome training as a pilot. Thus, passion is necessary as it sets the right intentions for starting any endeavor.



Building competency through education is crucial for a diverse portfolio. It sets the suitable base for your career, equipping you with the knowledge you need to start a job. Matt also clarifies that education should not be limited to formal schooling only. Instead, education implies a willingness to learn and practice throughout your life to enhance your skills. Matt’s artistry proves that self-learning can take you way ahead in the game.



A tenacious attitude is a must for a successful, versatile career. Your passion and education can take you far, but your determination keeps you motivated when no apparent results come up. Tenacity is the driving force that makes one continue the hard work and toil despite difficult circumstance


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