Stuntwoman Andrea Ross Breaks Industry Barriers

TV Stuntwoman and Mother Andrea Ross Breaks Industry Barriers

Andrea Ross break barriers and challenges norms in the pursuit of motherhood and a rewarding stunt performance career.

Stunt performers bring television and film productions to life with explosive action moves and daring feats. It’s still a male-dominated field, and breaking into this industry as a woman is no small feat. The challenges can be as formidable as the stunts themselves.

Yet, there are stunt performers like Andrea Ross who have been inspired by the generation of stuntwomen before her, who managed to defy the norms, and prove that the gender barrier in this thrilling profession can indeed be shattered.

On top of those difficulties, throw being a mother into the mix, and it becomes even more of an insurmountable challenge. Working in any industry as a mother can be tough, especially the high-risk factor for injury.


Navigating the stunt industry and motherhood

Historically, the stunt world has been dominated by men. When female stunt performers find themselves at the crossroads between action-packed stunts and building a family, they’ve previously put their career on the shelf “for their safety.” However, female performers have, and continue to show, a fierce determination to be mothers and stuntwomen.

Knowing that the women before her were excluded from the opportunity of returning to work, Andrea felt a lot of uncertainty around building her career post-partum. Mainly, because the male stunt coordinators were too worried for the safety of a mother who could get hurt on the job.

However, a few veteran female performers helped Andrea navigate her
unconventional path as a stunt mom. Yet, the name and fame didn’t come easily. Her journey was filled with skepticism and challenges. However, with determination and exceptional skills, she went on to secure stunt double roles for renowned actresses.

Andrea continues to break barriers and challenging norms concerning the pursuit of motherhood and a risky and rewarding entertainment career.

Her postpartum debut came only 7 weeks after having her son. Andrea secured a role in James Gunn’s Peacemaker – an American superhero television series created by Gunn for HBO Max, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. She also managed to secure key stunt performance roles in popular television shows like The Last of Us, Fargo, and Man in the High Castle; doubling for actresses Juliette Lewis, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jes Macallan, and Melanie Scrofano.

Andrea demonstrates that women have the physical prowess and mental strength required to excel in the stunt performance industry. Her outstanding abilities even earned her a nomination for Best Stunt Performance at the 2022 UBCP/ACTRA Awards.


Inspiring the next generation of stuntwomen

Andrea Ross has embarked on a mission to empower women through her training program, Live Your Fierce – a platform for women to not only conquer their physical limitations, but to challenge societal expectations. By merging the
worlds of physical and mental strength, she equips women with tools to pursue their dreams and aspirations with unwavering determination.

It was tough, but Andrea Ross’s path in the stunt industry illustrates that women can wear both hats – as mothers and professionals in high-risk industries. Andrea’s accomplishments show women can break through gender barriers and explore the exciting and demanding careers the field has to offer.


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