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Tech Entrepreneur Julian Hamood’s Rise From IT Startup To Global Leader

Learn how Julian Hamood, founder, and President of Trusted Tech Team, went from building computers at 14 years old to building a global IT consulting company.

IT infrastructure creates business value—especially in challenging times. Julian Hamood, the founder, and President of Trusted Tech Team (TTT), a leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for Microsoft 365 and Azure, based in Irvine, California understands this all too well.

When every budget item is under scrutiny, IT leaders like Julian, engage with businesses to uncover potential sources of value, agree on priorities, and measure not only the cost but also the impact.

“The current economic climate is pushing businesses to lower spending across virtually all sectors when it comes to IT infrastructure,” Hamood says. “However, there are new ways to reduce costs while optimizing existing infrastructure and elevating the customer experience.”

IT infrastructure drives growth and productivity. Effective infrastructure creates value by selecting the best technologies and knowing how to integrate them. The key to helping business leaders understand the value of IT infrastructure is credibility on the basics, understanding pain points, and being proactive.

Julian Hamood built Trusted Tech Team into a trusted partner by doing just that and more, while keenly communicating value. “Clients receive up to 20 percent off Microsoft 365 and cloud licensing packages and gain no-cost access to U.S.-based support. Including direct access to Microsoft-certified engineers and tech architects who resolve support issues quickly and accurately. The result is optimized IT budgets and a personalized approach to support,” he adds.


Delivering real business value

There’s ample evidence that deploying IT infrastructure in a creative way helps businesses become more efficient, redefine their business models, and improve customer experience.

The right partnership is key for businesses that need to solve complex IT problems. “Our team is committed to providing relief to the most technically advanced Microsoft-related setbacks and questions that other CSPs simply cannot address without passing clients off to different support personnel who may not understand or be able to resolve their issue,” Julian told YFS Magazine.

Photo: Trusted Tech Team Headquarters, Irvine, California
Photo: Trusted Tech Team Headquarters, Irvine, California

Leveraging the expertise of an on-demand IT partner can alleviate a lot of technical headaches. When asked how Trusted Tech Team accomplishes this, he explains: “A customer-first approach is bridging the gap between IT professionals and the technology they leverage to optimize software solutions and maximize budgets. We help clients internal support teams overcome complicated technical barriers and optimize licensing composition and infrastructure compatibility so they can get back to doing what they do best without unnecessary headaches, added expense, and/or offshore call center runaround.”

“Ultimately, for Julian and his team, it’s about providing peace of mind for businesses with end-to-end IT needs.”

When asked what sets his team apart, he adds: “We provide the most outstanding support in the industry with unmatched pricing and unparalleled service level agreement (SLA) timelines that save companies time, money, and resources.” Ultimately, for Julian and his team, it’s about providing peace of mind for businesses with end-to-end IT needs.

Julian Hamood is an IT industry leader to watch. Read on to learn how he built Trusted Tech Team, what drives his success, how he overcomes challenges, what’s on his bookshelf, tools he can’t do business without, and more.

Company Trusted Tech Team
Founder(s) Julian Hamood
Location Irvine, California
Industry Technology, IT Consulting
Year of Establishment 2017
Startup Costs Undisclosed
No. of Employees 150+


Excellence is the name of the game

Passion for excellence. Trusted Tech Team’s brand story originates from the frustration of IT buyers. Before Trusted Tech Team was established, the founders and I worked in the computer technology and IT industry. We noticed how business buyers were frustrated that the service they received did not come from a place of connection or expertise, just pushy salespeople trying to close a deal. Seeing that frustration did not sit right with me.

If I am involved in a business, I want my customers to be my biggest advocates. I could not find a company that was able to solve customer needs in the industry I was passionate about, so I created one.

“Learn the business and pain in your industry long before you attempt to solve the problem. Ensure you know which team members will join you in your journey, so you have those individuals ready to connect when the time comes.”

Microsoft licensing is complex, and compliance is tricky. However, it is inefficient for businesses to train or hire experts because licensing an IT environment is an infrequent expense. The optimal solution is to have a trusted partner that IT pros can contact and know that the specialists at the other end of the phone have the expertise and incentive to ensure that their environment is licensed compliantly and at the best possible price. This was when I decided to change from the B2C business I had been working at and hearing the complaints of IT professionals.

Trusted Tech Team was established, and our first goal was to build up expertise so we could turn frustration into relief and provide tremendous value for our customers simply by filling the void of expertise.


From building computers to building companies

At 14-years-old I started building computers and spent my teenage years working at a local computer shop, laser-focused on learning everything I could on both the hardware and software ends. As an adult, I became more and more interested in the technical side of the Microsoft operating systems.

“Before I launched Trusted Tech Team, I was absorbing everything I could from my employer at the time.”

Photo: Julian Hamood, President of Trusted Tech Team | Courtesy Photo
Photo: Julian Hamood, President of Trusted Tech Team | Courtesy Photo

Before I launched Trusted Tech Team, I was absorbing everything I could from my employer at the time. They were in a space like the one we operate today. During this time, I studied the Microsoft ecosystem and observed all the challenges that arise on the licensing side of many software and cloud-based solutions.

I infused that knowledge into the foundation of Trusted Tech Team with one key goal in mind: to provide our clients the best possible experience, quality of service, and pricing for the many Microsoft products they were likely already using but not maximizing to their fullest potential at the lowest rate. That goal has remained the same, and it has helped the company grow into what it is today.


Succeed against the odds

Our most impressive success story to date is our recent office expansion in Orange County and our meteoric growth over the last year at a time when many of the big tech names were downsizing and making major cuts. During this short time, we tripled in staff size and there are no signs of slowing down.

Last year, we also expanded into Canada to support clientele to the North of us and this year, we have our sights set on making the push overseas, setting up initially in London and the surrounding areas.


When your offer is “too good to be true”

Our biggest startup challenge — which we even face today — is that our offering is “too good to be true.” Industry buyers are used to the run-around. So, when we began providing expertise, transparency, and honest interactions, customers assumed something was off. This taught me the value of customer testimonials and word of mouth. The IT community is tight, so if an IT Pro has a great experience, they share it.

Winning over one business, one person at a time, and having them share their experience is how we overcame this challenge. However, we have found that we need to re-earn this trust with each new area we find because we only enter a new industry when our offer is “too good to be true.” It has turned out to be a good problem, as we enjoy and take pride in our ability to “wow” our customers with tremendous value.


Lead by example

Growing a company from the ground up requires strong leadership. When asked about his leadership style, he explains why leading by example is always the right move.

“I’ve always led from the standpoint of being who I want my employees to be. Many leaders try to do this but fall short because it’s not easy to maintain. Sure, you may be able to keep that energy up for a few weeks or even months — but can you stay true to that mission for the long haul? And even when things are looking dicey?” Serious leaders understand that both by design and default, they’re always leading by example.

“At the end of the day, if you want your employees to work hard, you must show up every day and work harder than everyone else.”

And for Julian, legacy, and leadership go hand-in-hand. “At the end of the day, if you want your employees to work hard, you must show up every day and work harder than everyone else,” he says. “You must be willing to put in 110% to get the best out of your employees; that’s the legacy I’d like to leave — to have inspired other good leaders internally and driving a positive industry-wide shift to a more people-first mentality in business.”

As an experienced entrepreneur with more than 16 years of industry experience, Julian Hamood established Trusted Tech Team’s position as a Microsoft CSP direct-bill partner, carrying multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations, and the now-legacy Microsoft Gold Partner competency while leading the company’s impressive growth. The IT firm surpassed revenue goals by doubling revenue every year for the last three years, according to company reports.

Photo: Trusted Tech Team | Courtesy Photo
Photo: Trusted Tech Team | Courtesy Photo

Julian leads by example in the office and in his community. In addition to his business achievements, Hamood is an active volunteer and primary sponsor for Project Youth OC, a non-profit organization that uplifts underprivileged, underserved, and at-risk youth in local communities through counseling, mentoring, and professional development services.

He also helps fund United Champions for Change, a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness of educational system inequities and help underprivileged youth gain better access to education while continuing to support and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to wounded veterans.

Prior to starting his entrepreneurial career, he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, and related support services from California State University, Fullerton.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Julian guzzling a morning smoothie, “They keep me energized and running throughout the day!” he adds. And soaking up California sunshine. “Some people take it for granted, but the California sun makes every day feel like it has unlimited potential.”

Ultimately, he credits his family as being a vital part of his life and success story: “I have always been very close with my family, and having their support and being able to support them has given me the foundation to become who I am today.”


From Julian’s Desk

In the spirit of curiosity and continuous learning, we asked Julian to share some of his personal recommendations so you can work smarter from the ground up. Here’s what he had to say.


Q: What book would you recommend to other entrepreneurs?

I’d recommend 100M Dollar Offers by Alex Hormozi. His book teaches you how to create truly compelling offers that people are willing to pay anything for. Establishing incredible value in your product or service offering is the best way to get started and Alex has a great way of explaining this concept.


Q: Which apps, tools, or resources help you work smarter?

  • Microsoft 365: Having a suite of apps that all seamlessly integrate is a life changer – for both business and personal use. I am an avid note taker using OneNote, use Outlook to manage all my emails, and am constantly producing materials for my business using other applications. Co-pilot is also going to be a game changer once it is fully released and integrated.
  • Generative AI Chatbots: I have tested Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and Bard and have found that they accelerate my ability to produce finished results more quickly and effectively. Regardless of the scenario from putting together a partnership agreement to planning a vacation, these tools have made my life much easier.
  • LinkedIn: A social media network designed for business professionals is paramount to the success of a B2B organization. I use LinkedIn daily to make business connections, engage with my customers, and learn from other professionals.

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