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It is rare that a fairy Godmother magically appears to assist a bride-to-be in attending one of the most important events of her life. Bridal is big industry...

It is rare that a fairy Godmother magically appears to assist a bride-to-be in attending one of the most important events of her life. Bridal is big industry in the US. It is estimated that 2.18 million weddings will have occurred this year alone. The average wedding ceremony and reception budget is $28,000. And the estimated spending per wedding averages $20,000 – $22,000. While approximately 100+ guest turn up to share in the festivities, entertainment and see what the bride is wearing.

Nonetheless, couples are opting for do-it-yourself wedding solutions to cut costs. So what’s a bride to do when she is making her list and checking it twice? Meghan Lazier, the founder of Savvy Cinderella, asked that same question. After serving as a bridesmaid 6 times, the savvy bridesmaid soon realized that nuptial bliss could indeed be exchanged – in the form of all things wedding, that is. Learn how Lazier turned a savvy idea into savvy startup success; all the while continuing to juggle a day job and never being afraid to start.

Company: Savvy Cinderella

Founder, Age: Meghan Lazier, 25

Location: Chicago, IL

Startup Year: 2009

Startup Costs: $15,000

How I Got Started: After standing-up as a bridesmaid six times, I started realizing that one day I would have a wedding of my own to pay for. I knew that I didn’t want to share wedding colors – let alone a wedding dress – with any of my own friends. I realized that there was an opportunity to connect newlyweds and brides-to-be online to exchange all things wedding.

Best Success Story: Our biggest success has been being nominated for the Best Budget Blog Award from the WeddingChannel.com after only five months of publishing. I was thrilled that the blog had gotten the attention of others in the wedding community, not to mention the honor drove a ton of traffic to the site!

I’m also thrilled that brides and newlyweds are finding the site is helps them save money on their wedding day and make money afterwards. We have lots of amazing gowns listed from stores like Kleinfeld’s, featured on Say Yes to the Dress and J.Crew.

Biggest Startup Challenge: I’m still working full-time and running my business on the side. The biggest challenge has been making time for everything that is important. I’m make good money at my day job, but that means that my business is not growing as fast as it could.

#1 Tips for Newbies: Don’t be afraid to start. When you begin moving in a new direction, you’ll be amazed at the people you meet along the way and the things you learn. I had never taken a business or accounting class before starting Savvy Cinderella. As I developed my business I started connecting with other small business owners. I have met so many people since I’ve started who have helped me in the areas that I lack knowledge or skills – including lawyers, accounts and enthusiastic interns.

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