Pascale Rowe Talks Discovering Passion And Taking Leaps Of Faith In Business

Last Update: August 5, 2015 “I worked for a Fortune 500 company… making a respectable $70K per year as a sales rep,” says Pascale Rowe, Founder of Miami-based...

Last Update: August 5, 2015

“I worked for a Fortune 500 company… making a respectable $70K per year as a sales rep,” says Pascale Rowe, Founder of Miami-based Pascale’s House of Bling. “I took a leap of faith … left behind my 401K, Medical Benefits and financial security. All to pursue my passion – Bling!”

Rowe’s journey started with an unlikely and life-changing discovery. Today her company boasts a celebrity client base that can’t seem to get enough of Rowe’s Swarovski embellished signature bangles, signature shoes covered with over 6,000 crystals, branded t-shirts and bling cell phone creations – to name a few.

How does one entrepreneur go from a comfortable 9-5 job to catering to celebrities such as actress Lauren London, Lil Kim and reality T.V. Star, Khloe Kardashian? By following her passion, discovering her faith and developing a “Bling your Brand” concept with ‘Bling appeal.’
Company: Ms. Bling, formerly Pascale’s House of Bling

Founder, Age: Pascale Rowe, 34

Location: Miami, FL

Industry: Retail

Startup Year: 2007

Startup Costs: 10,000


How I Got Started

I worked for a Fortune 500 company – the company with the product your never suppose to leave home without – making a respectable $70K per year as a sales rep when a co-worker gave me a DVD. I was not into self help and motivational books, CD’s, DVDs.

I had the DVD for a week when my co-worker asked for it. I felt pressure to watch it so I reluctantly played it. It was called “The Secret”! I was never given a synopsis of the DVD, only that it was amazing and I would thank her later.

I watched the DVD with such intensity. It changed me immediately. I then took a leap of faith, resigned 30 days later and left behind my 401K, Medical Benefits and financial security. All to pursue my passion – Bling!


Success Stories

I have so many however; one in particular resonates with me. I received a message from a woman asking if I could provide her with a quote for one custom rhinestone T-shirt. I swallowed so loud I could hear it. Designing one rhinestone shirt takes as much time as making 10 because the artwork is time consuming.

I’m not sure why I was compelled to return her call for one shirt… but I did. I quoted her $25 and she loved it so much she ordered four by the end of the night. She called two weeks later to order an additional 150 shirts.

I went to her place of business which was a church, she worked as the Pastor’s assistant, to pick up my deposit. Church was foreign to me since I only attended when there was a wedding, a funeral and maybe an Easter service. Little did I know picking up my deposit would change my life! I accepted Christ that day.

My spirit was now at peace… I began a relationship with God and once that happened prosperity was inevitable. I began to trust and to truly have faith, I no longer worried. I also no longer wanted money, money came looking for me.

I was so busy I needed help for the first time. I hired an assistant and a publicist in November 2010. I’ve been busier in the last 6 months than in my four years of business. Celebrities, Preachers, Teachers, TV anchors have become my newest clients – generating lucrative sales.

My bangles even appeared on “Dancing With The Stars.” I love what I do and I’m incredibly passionate about it. That attitude is exactly why I called the woman back and accepted the $25 sale. Who would have known that one seemingly insignificant sale would change my life and business. An attitude of gratitude catapulted me into the success I am today. Possibilities are endless!


Startup Challenges

The biggest challenge was staying motivated and “waiting” for sales! I found out quickly you’ve got to take off running and network, market and brand yourself. Even when the sales are coming you’ve got to continue the grind and set those sales up for the weeks and months ahead.


Entrepreneurship Tips

I give you this…no matter who you believe in or what…Your business can certainly come to fruition and sustain great profit if only you truly believe it can! The biggest mistake you can make is blaming the “economy” for your laziness.

Get out there, get to learning, surround yourself with knowledgeable people & believe in this phenomenal thing called your business and you’ll see how effortless it truly is.


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