College Entrepreneur, Kenny Nguyen Aims to Make Bad Presentations Obsolete

Learn how college entrepreneur, Kenny Nguyen's ultimate dream has opened doors and why you should focus on value creation before profits.

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How many boring PowerPoint presentations have you painstakingly sat through in business? As a college sophomore Kenny Nguyen like most of us, had observed one too many lengthy, poorly designed, monotonous presentations.

In 2010, Nguyen experienced an “ah-ha” moment while listening to a tedious Fortune 500 company executive guest speaker. He left the keynote convinced that common presentation mistakes and bad presentations could easily be avoided … with a little help, of course.

In 2012 he launched Big Fish Presentations, a Louisiana-based design firm that creates original, dynamic, and visually appealing presentations to help presenters engage more actively with their audience. His goal? To move past slides-to-go and focus on developing a better foundation for companies to grow and prosper.

Learn how his ultimate dream has opened doors and why you should focus on value creation before profits.

Company: Big Fish Presentations
Founder, Age: Kenny Nguyen, 21
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Industry: Advertising and Marketing
Startup Year: 2012
Startup Costs: $1,000

How I Got Started

It all started when I attended a student organization meeting at Louisiana State University. Our speaker was an executive from a large international Fortune 500 company. We were stoked about having a representative from a big-name company speak to us, but when he delivered his presentation we were floored – and not in a good way.

The presentation consisted of 120+ PowerPoint slides, nothing but text, and he was nice enough to personally make sure to read every single slide. Are you kidding me? Sitting through that made me think to myself, “If the world’s largest companies are presenting this way, audiences might not get a chance to hear tomorrow’s brightest ideas before being put to sleep by boring presentations.” This sparked an idea and Big Fish Presentations was born.

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