10 Questions With Viewbix Founder Jonathan Stefansky

Behind the scenes of success stories in the making. Jonathan Stefansky, Founder of Viewbix.com, an online technology platform that empowers companies to leverage their videos by inserting interactive...

Jonathan Stefansky, Founder of Viewbix.com, an online technology platform that empowers companies to leverage their videos by inserting interactive apps into video and share across web, mobile and social networks.


Name: Jonathan Stefansky

Company: Viewbix

Location: New York, NY


1. How I came up with the concept of Viewbix:

We had previously created a technology platform that allowed large advertising agencies and advertisers to create interactive video ads. We signed a number of large contracts and soon realized that instead of solely using the platform we built, our customers wanted every ad highly customized.

We had built a great technology, but realized we were selling to the wrong market. In the US alone there are 8-10 million small and medium-sized businesses that are using video on their websites. Most of these businesses don’t have a good way to easily convert those viewers into action takers. In other words, most of these companies were creating and using videos but it wasn’t resulting in leads or sales.

Therefore, we refocused the company on a full self-service model that was easy to use and turned our attention to the SMB market. Within the first few months our adoption rate soared and we knew we had found the right market for our technology.

2. Ambition:

We want to build a great company. A lot of startups are focused on getting acquired. We want to build a business that people want to work for, create great products, provide amazing customer service and help other entrepreneurs succeed.

3. One day I hope to:

In addition to creating a great company, I want to be a role model for my kids. I want our customers to be passionate about our company and my kids to want to emulate their dad.

4. Current obsessions:

Jeremy Lin, Move the Box iPhone App, and using my Magic 8 Ball to help with decision making.

5. Favorite business tool:

My iPhone. I can’t travel without it. Email, contacts, browser, apps, music, movies in one device — can’t beat it!

6. Favorite book(s):

I like biographies of great business leaders: Steve jobs, Jack Welsh, etc. I’m a huge fan of authors like John Grisham, Michael Lewis and Ben Mezrich. I also enjoy reading some of the same novels as my kids; Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl.

7. Best place to unwind:

My couch. After a long week of work, I open up the recliner and all is good.

8. Would love to have dinner with:

Actors/Comedians, Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill — that would be an awesome night out.

9. You can never have too many:

Apple products.

10. Essential business tip:

Never be afraid to fail. I speak with a lot of people who have great ideas and say they won’t act on them because they are comfortable where they are. In reality they are afraid of failing … and asking themselves, “What happens if it doesn’t work out?” Once in a while you get it right the first time around, but most of the time your failures help you become a bigger success.




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