THE OPPORTUNIST: What to Do When Opportunity Knocks

The next time opportunity knocks, before you say “Yes” or emphatically exclaim “No,” measure up the prospect to this 3 point test.

2. Does this opportunity support my company’s mission and vision?

If you’ve ever felt that a mission statement was useless in business – think again. It will ultimately set the tone – and the bar – for how you carry on business affairs. It is a direct link between you and the company culture you desire to foster. If an entrepreneur’s vision is unclear, the business will lack direction and focus. When you start to uncover countless “golden” opportunities, it’s easy for a company to lose track of itself without a mission statement to serve as a reminder to the overall purpose.

3. Does this opportunity align with my brand and it’s positioning in the market?

As you grow your small business, it will develop an image or identity in the minds of its target market. The wrong partnerships could dilute the brand or cannibalize your existing efforts. Repositioning a brand is a marketing challenge in and of itself. Therefore, take care to understand how the opportunity could potentially impact the perception of your brand in the marketplace.

Every opportunity isn’t always the correct one for your company. And though it may be tempting to engage in scholarly battles of wit pertaining to the appearance of an opportunity, take a hint from the opportunist – think … and act quickly.

But before you do, ask yourself these three questions and you’ll open the door to a world of endless business possibilities.

It’s no surprise that a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds (Francis Bacon).

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