5 Reasons Why Fitness Should Be A Priority For Entrepreneurs

Here are five benefits that exercise provides and why you should make exercise a priority when you're building a successful busines

Last Update: October 17, 2015

There is a common misconception that businesses must run 24/7 and that we should sacrifice everything for the company and the cause. But over time this type of lifestyle can cause conflicts in your family relationships, health and productivity.

Our bodies and minds need breaks to recharge our cycles, especially when we are working under stressful conditions.That is where exercise comes into play.

Exercise provides numerous benefits that are critical for maintaining health and happiness.  Here are five benefits that exercise provides and why you should make exercise a priority when you’re building a successful business.


Why Exercise Matters for Entrepreneurs


1. It provides a necessary escape from the norm.

Exercise is a positive escape that pushes our everyday challenges into our subconscious thinking for an hour, so we can concentrate on ourselves. Plus, the increased blood flow from exercise restores oxygen and nutrients that get depleted during long work sessions.


2. It improves your company culture.

Exercise sets a pattern that leads to a distinct aspect of company culture by develops relationships and camaraderie among colleagues and teammates. Fitness fosters a unique culture and sends a message with non-verbal cues regarding philosophy, priorities, and a “lead-by-example” type of leadership.

Studies have shown that “fit” entrepreneurs are sick less, happier, more productive, and have higher self-esteem. Ultimately, exercise is a positive way to alleviate the stress that comes along with running a business.


3. It provides an internal victory.

We all need daily victories. Positive business results can be hard to measure early on.  Therefore, exercise is a tangible check mark on our long list. And the results are visible and tangible to colleagues and customers.


4. It gives your brain a problem-solving advantage.

People may “problem solve” on a run or a walk, or get a much-needed break and recharge session before returning to the most current crop of challenges.  When we get wins in parts of life that are outside of work, the momentum can easily carry into work and create balance.


5. It makes you a better employer.

We all act in a manner that’s consistent with our self-concept. Exercise can enhance this; it brings about positive changes, raises self-esteem, and thus our engagement and performance.

As our confidence rises, our self-concept follows – it’s a perpetuating cycle of good feelings. It’s important to remember that you can’t give your best if you don’t feel your best, and if we don’t take care of ourselves no one else will.


James K. McPartland is the Principal and Chief Inspiration Officer of the JMac Performance Group, a specialized management consulting firm focused on realizing the importance of the human potential in business. He is an entrepreneur, author, international speaker, and TV/Radio Host with an upcoming novel, Unopened Gifts: One Man’s Journey to Gratitude.


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