10 Questions with 99dresses Founder, Nikki Durkin

Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes chat with 99dresses.com Founder, Nikki Durkin. Find out her current obsessions, business tips and much more.

99dresses is an infinite wardrobe for women. Using virtual currency called buttons, women around the world can trade clothing and accessories online, so they’re never limited to just the clothes they have at home.

Founder: Nikki Durkin

Company: 99Dresses

Location: Mountain View, California

1. I came up with the concept of 99dresses:

When I was 16 I looked in my closet and realized that I didn’t wear 80-90% of the items in there and they were all perfectly good. At the same time I’d spend thousands of dollars a year on new clothes for the thrill of having something new to wear, and there was no easy way to get rid of this perfectly good old stuff. So I decided to fix the problem and create 99dresses.

99dresses is creating an Infinite Closet so no woman ever has to wear the same thing twice! You upload your quality unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories into the Infinite Closet and sell them to other girls for a virtual currency called ‘buttons’. You can then spend your buttons on anything you want in the Infinite Closet. There’s no fees or commissions – just guilt-free shopping.

2. Ambition:

To build a billion dollar business.

3. One day I hope to:

Travel to space!

4. Current obsession:

Mascara and my Macbook Pro.

5. Favorite business tool:

The Internet. What would we do without it?

6. Favorite book(s):

Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding, and anything by Seth Godin.

7. Best place to unwind:

In a bubble bath with a magazine.

8. Would love to have dinner with:

Serial entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson. I have so much respect for how he lives his life and what he has achieved.

9. You can never have too many:


10. Essential business tip:

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are, and advisers who are willing to help.


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