Five Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Bethenny Frankel

Here are a few lessons that every entrepreneur can learn from Bethenny Frankel.

In just a few short years, Bethenny Frankel leveraged her early startup (BethennyBakes), reality show appearances and media savvy to build a diverse business portfolio — adding to a growing list of ventures including natural foods, wine and spirits, author and TV host … did I miss one?

Love her or hate her (which is really not the point) there are a few lessons that every entrepreneur can learn from Bethenny Frankel. While no business is an overnight sensation, even though it may seem like it, success leaves clues.

Here are five savvy clues that Frankel left behind:

1. Be unapologetically authentic.

Bethenny’s no-nonsense perspective is a major component of her media appeal. It’s also an inherent attribute of her personal brand. When you’re getting started – you are your company. Don’t be afraid to be an “original” and declare your personal and business value. “One size fits all” is disastrous in so many ways. Find your niche and serve it well.

2. Locate your passion and start small.

Frankel’s first known entrepreneurial endeavor was sparked by a “passion point” – something she intrinsically liked and wanted to pursue. In all likelihood, her interest in natural foods led her to study at the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute and soon after launch a natural foods bakery and delivery service called BethennyBakes.

3. Go big or go home.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Frankel is openly transparent about her early reality TV ambitions – to use it as a platform to grow her business. Taking a chance, led Frankel to join the cast of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and the Real Housewives of New York City; literally setting the stage for business growth.

Get crystal clear about your business goals and view every opportunity through a focused lens and step out there … even if it’s a long shot.


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