NYC Entrepreneur Builds Talent Network to Help Artists Get Discovered

Learn how Joshua Garray started his online talent network and why you must have patience, perseverance and passion in business.

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People always talk about starting a business and often don’t see it through. I was determined not to let that happen. I decided to pick an idea that I thought had potential and run with it. I woke up one morning and made the decision to invest my savings into this new venture because I believed so greatly in TalentSplash.

Starting a new business and building a dynamic website is very challenging, but I wanted to take that risk and carry through with what I believed in. Ultimately, I wanted to pursue a more meaningful life. As a lifelong fan of talent and entertainment, I wanted to help people live their own dreams and get their voices out.

Best Success Story:

I recently heard from a TalentSplash member (stage name “Sunny Sun”) that said my passion was inspirational and that it gave him motivation to continue pursuing his own dream of becoming a famous actor.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

One of my biggest challenges has been finding a team of dedicated and reliable people to work with that care about my project as much as I do. Being at the mercy of independent contractors can pose a challenge, so finding the right people and the correct way to intrinsically motivate them is essential to the success of any business.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

You must have patience, perseverance and passion. There are ups and downs and highs and lows with any business. If you stay the course, be persistent, and let your passion take over and you will succeed in the long run.

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