Networking Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Build a Strong Professional Network

Follow these 5 simple tips to successfully build a strong professional network.

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3. Focus on Helping

When you begin networking take all the focus on you. Do not start with the mentality of getting help. Focus your energy on being friendly and helpful to others. If you focus on this, you are much more likely to create relationships that will, in turn, benefit you.

Start out being a giver, not a taker. The best way to help yourself is to help someone else.

4. Follow Up

After you meet or contact someone new, follow up with them.

Don’t wait for them to call or email you. Don’t hope you will run into them again. Be proactive in creating a deeper relationship with them. A few days after meeting them, send a quick email offering to help. Remember to first focus on how you can help them. Be friendly. Following up in a way that is not focused on getting something out of them will ensure the relationship is built on mutual trust.

5. Quality Not Quantity

You don’t want to throw business cards out to everyone you meet. Focus on quality contacts and networks over quantity. Having a strong network is far more effective than a huge network of people you have only talked to once. Business networking relationships are, in fact, relationships. Take time to nurture them and build quality bonds.

How do you build your business network? Let me know in the comments below.

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