Your Time is Now: An Open Letter to Young Entrepreneurs

Let your thoughts inspire action, and your action will inspire progress. - Luke Kupersmith

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Dear Entrepreneur,

I’m sure you can think of a person who’s had big ideas and dreams of starting their own business in their ‘younger’ years, but who has yet to seize the opportunity to bring their dream to fruition.

There’s even a chance that you might be the individual that comes to mind.

Most of us can also easily call to mind those who have taken different paths, but wish they hadn’t pushed those big ideas and dreams aside for whatever career, degree, marriage, house, or any other number of things that they find themselves distracted by now.

While regret is never the most productive in the spectrum of emotions, those aforementioned people may look back and think of what could have been—how much impact they could have made in their respective fields, how much their lives would have changed as a result, what they should have done to make their dreams a reality.

I recently met a very talented and skilled architect who dreams of starting his own architectural firm, but has it in mind that he ought to earn an additional specialized degree in the field before he will feel comfortable starting his own business.

Although, he already has a solid skill set in the specialized field, he does not yet have the degree certificate. Recently he considered quitting his full-time job to take the coursework — meaning he would be paying to go to school, have no job or means of secure income, and not have even begun the work of building his new firm.

Don’t be afraid of your own perceived lack of experience or education.

For many people, there is always that “one last thing” they feel they need to have in their tool belt—more experience, a higher degree, an added layer of security—but don’t let those things hold you back from taking your first steps into entrepreneurship.

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