10 Questions with Shona Gilbert, Founder and Creative Director of SHONA

Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes chat with SHŌNA, Reforming Vintage Founder and Creative Director, Shona Gilbert. Find out her current obsessions, business tips and much...

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Shona Gilbert is the Founder and Creative Director of SHONA, a Dallas-based vintage couture jewelry line.

Founder: Shona Che’re Gilbert

Company:  SHONA

Location: Dallas, TX

1. How I came up with the concept of  SHONA:

Curating antiques and coupling them with modern elements is something I have been doing most of my life. I feel like I have a unique sense of style and one that pulls from many different genres.

I’m coming into my own with fashion, and my personal style and spirit is still evolving from that rebellious place of expression I had as a teenager. Most of my favorite pieces I’ve collected have come from charity shops and antique stores. I love to add my own personal spin on everything, especially accessories.

In my twenties I was a problem solver and software test engineer.  By day I functioned fully executing in my “left brain” and then I would go home and create and paint on large canvases … abstract images which later decorated my walls. It seems only natural that I would launch a jewelry company in which my designs reflect my natural creativity.

My jewelry is inspired by my favorite ways to spend my time which is dancing and hanging out with my girls, making pretty gems, ambient music, and spending time with friends. The people I know inspire me to create jewelry that is far more special, stays current, timeless, and sexy… unique jewelry.

2. Ambition:

Waking up in the morning and feeling grateful for all the love and support I have from so many amazing people grounds and motivates me.

Ultimately, I want my success to influence our community along with other groups of people to be charitable. Helping others who in some way suffer from illness, poverty, and or some form of mental or emotional distress is key to helping ourselves while building others up. I believe that when someone out there is suffering, we all suffer in some way and despite all of our unique circumstances we are all connected and heavily influence each others lives.

Lastly, I want to set an example to my own children who are both very analytical and creative. Empowering them everyday to follow their inspirations, and walk in their own style is a trait that will guild their intuition for the rest of their long lives.

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