Product Launch Expert, Sarah Shaw Reveals How She Launched Consultancy, Entreprenette

Learn how Sarah started her product launch consultancy for women entrepreneurs and why she believes bootstrapping trumps raising outside capital.

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Sarah Shaw found her “a-ha!” moment after working in an uninspiring, 11-year career in Hollywood as a Costume Supervisor in the film industry. Like many professionals with dreams of entrepreneurship, Shaw began to seek out inspiration.

Several years later, she decided to take a chance on her creative passion and launch a designer handbag company.

“I seriously had no idea where to start,” said Shaw. “I had supervised the manufacturing of clothes for lots of movies, so I knew a bit about the construction of garments, but had never made a handbag before.” Armed with confidence, a bit of ingenuity and a new prototype designed from scratch, Shaw reached out to her network and began selling out of her new designs from the trunk of her car.

After a few setbacks and then growing her business to $1 million in revenue, Shaw decided to help others do the same by starting Entreprenette, a product launch consultancy business for women entrepreneurs. Today her full service consulting firm specializes in helping women entrepreneurs launch tangible products; accessories, clothing, cosmetics, home and lifestyle products.

Learn how Sarah started her consultancy for women entrepreneurs and why she believes bootstrapping trumps raising outside capital.

Company:  Entreprenette
Founder(s):  Sarah Shaw and
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Industry:  Business Services
Startup Year: 2009
Startup Costs: $5,000

How I Got Started:

I started my first business in 1997 as a handbag designer. I knew nothing about the industry itself or how to run a successful business. Even though I have a family lineage of entrepreneurs, it never occurred to me to be one.

After starting a small business and failing; experiencing huge successes and failing again, I decided to close my company after five years. Once I closed my doors, my phone started ringing with requests to consult other accessory companies and show them how I built my company to $1M in revenue.

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