Shareonomics: 6 Hot Peer-to-Peer Startups to Watch

As the success of peer-to-peer businesses, such as Airbnb to TaskRabbit, continue to raise awareness and support for the shareonomics business model, here are six more disruptive peer-to-peer...

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4. Liquid

Liquid, formerly known as Spinlister, offers an online marketplace that lets users find the best bikes to rent online, whether from individuals or existing bike rental shops. Users can simply type where they’d like to ride and Liquid gives them the best bike rental options for their location. The startup aims toconnect the owners of bikes with travelers and locals looking to explore.

Company: Liquid
Founder(s): Will Dennis, Jeff Noh
Location: New York, NY
Industry: Peer to Peer Bike Rentals
Startup Year: 2011

 5. RentWant

RentWant, a peer-to-peer location-based marketplace, offers users an opportunity to make extra money by renting things they don’t use all the time to people around them. RentWant aims to connect people locally and encourage sharing in lieu of buying.

Company: RentWant
Founder(s): Tyson Lundbech
Location: Melbourn, Australia
Industry: Peer to Peer Exchange
Startup Year: 2011

6. Park Circa

Park Circa encourages people to take their parking space(s) with them. The peer-to-peer shared parking mobile app allows users to list a parking space or find a parking space by connecting people who have empty parking spaces during a set time to people that need them, enabling coordination between neighbors and friends so community resources are optimized for everyone’s benefit. The Park Circa App organizes and publishes parking schedules so drivers can find a place to park, and space owners make some money on their empty driveways.

Company: Park Circa
Founder(s): Chadwick Meyer, Daniela Meyer
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Industry: Peer to Peer Shared Parking
Startup Year: 2010

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