5 Cool Founders Building Category Killer Companies

We predict a startup revolution is underway. It will be led by a new breed of category killing founders with disruptive ideas and radical iteration.

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Organizing kid’s health.

Company: MotherKnows
CEO, Founder: Hesky Kutscher, @hesky
Location: San Francisco, California

What We Do:

MotherKnows, the first product of its parent company, CareDox is the first full service online health record specifically designed for parents, available by web and mobile. MotherKnows, collects and securely displays important childhood health data including immunizations and growth charts, from any doctor.

In addition to a complete online health record, the MotherKnows service includes the ability to upload your child’s milestones and share them with doctors, friends and caregivers, at the option of the user. MotherKnows is offered as a monthly or annual subscription to help busy parents maintain and organize the health information of their children.

About Hesky Kutscher:

Hesky has always been an advocate of giving more information to consumers to make better purchasing and lifestyle decisions. His company, DailyShopper.com, became ShopLocal after a merger and then was acquired by Tribune and Gannett in 2004.

Hesky founded High Gear Media in 2007, a large and growing network of automotive sites and blogs. Hesky is always very vocal about how health records belong to patients as well as doctors and he is very passionate about finding solutions to the challenges of health data.


Beauty and care products vending machines and curated e-commerce.

Company: U*tique
CEO, Founder: Mara Segal, @utiqueshop
Location: San Francisco, California

What We Do:

A curated assortment of iconic must haves from luxury, design, travel, fashion and beauty today, U*tique Shop is a secure and convenient way to get the handpicked items you love from around the globe where you work, live, and play. Our products have been handpicked and tested by some very particular product specialists with backgrounds in global beauty, trend-hunting and innovation. We have traveled the world (and our backyards here in California) looking for the best items. We like that we only have a small number of products at a time; that means we can make sure they are ALL great.

About Mera Segal

Mara Segal is changing the face of beauty distribution. “Her idea for vending machines that sell beauty and care products (displayed behind her in her head-shot), in both travel and full retail size, came from an altercation with an FAA agent who forced her to throw away a bottle of shampoo. The 31-year-old founder and CEO Mara Segal, prefer purchasing on the go, bypassing traditional stores and the wait time for Amazon shipping, acording to Modern Luxury magazine.

“Segal created a prototype two years ago, and her latest machines have over 50 beauty, fashion, and tech gadgets displayed brightly behind a sleek honeycomb facade. Now the machines are multiplying, with two in San Francisco—where the company is headquartered—and others in various airports nationwide.”


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Photo Credit: Various; Sources: First Round Capital, Crunchbase

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