My Coffee Shop Reality Check: Renewed Perspective on Life and Business

Some things can instantly change your entire perspective on life and business -- here's a personal example of what I learned one day, while sitting in a coffee...

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Following your Heart and Passion in Life

Too many of us get so caught up with details of life. We play it so safe for the ‘future’ that we become complacent with our dreams, dismissive of our hopes and suspicious of our deepest desires.

Our energy is consumed by surviving and existing rather than really living.

Quite simply, we take life for granted.

I’ve often thought to myself that if we all knew when our time would come to leave this earth, how differently – more fully – might we live our lives? If you came out of your mothers womb with a little note detailing the date of your departure from planet earth — would your life be the same as it is right now?

It’s human nature to recoil from death – the unknown – naturally, but I wonder how much reminding ourselves of our own mortality is the very push we need to make bigger, bolder business and life decisions?

Would your paradigm be shaped more by what you have to gain, rather than constricted by what you have to lose?


As the hearse gradually moved out of view, swallowed up by the city traffic, I took a gulp of hot chocolate (savoring every moment) and said a silent prayer for the mum and her family. That day I was reminded that the best gift any one of us can have is life.

Funnily enough, that afternoon I set even bigger, outrageously bold goals for myself and my business. It didn’t feel indulgent rather, it felt like the absolutely right thing to be doing to make the most of the life I’ve been blessed with.

It’s truly amazing … the power of an unexpected and sobering paradigm shift.

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