Behind the Scenes with CEO, Chantelle Fraser on Landing Big Brand Clients and Taking Risks

Learn how Chantelle Fraser launched her NYC-based talent agency and why she believes would-be entrepreneurs should let go of their excuses and start now!

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Best Success Story:

My best success story was when I secured an Estee Lauder contract with MAC. I’ve been in charge of all of their castings for in-store events for the past 6 years.

I was referred to them via word of mouth from an internal MAC employee. Since then, I’ve helped them cast everyone from tap dancers, Johnny Weir-inspired ice skaters, rock star violinists, Barbie-lookalikes, and nautical sailors at in-store events all over the USA and Canada.

Working with MAC helped me secure other large contracts with cosmetic and luxury brands. It was a huge catalyst for business.

Biggest Startup Challenge:

The biggest startup challenge was hiring people.

I had to learn how to separate management from friendship. Asserting myself as a boss was difficult initially. By having client demand, I was forced to step up my personal game and lead my team to work effectively.

Also as a small business owner, it’s hard to let go of things. You’re tempted to micro-manage, but once you let that responsibility go to others, it is rewarding to see them step up and grow. Now, the one thing I can’t do my job without is my talent casting team, headed by lead casting director, Daniel Hamm.

Our service at Flawless is extremely customized. Our clients have all sorts of unique talent requests for their events and my wonderful team helps Flawless rise to the challenge.

#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs:

Don’t wait! Most people who want to start their own business have so many excuses for why they can’t start now. Whether it’s money matters, they want to work for a cause, or they want to beef up entrepreneur skills before jumping in.

You don’t start out as an entrepreneur knowing everything. Do it now and learn as you go along — become the expert. Accept the role and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Photo Credit: Chantelle Fraser

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