10 Planning and Productivity Apps to Help Entrepreneurs Accomplish New Year’s Business Resolutions

Web-based planning and productivity apps that have the potential to help you take your business goals from zero to hero.

Are you looking for a better way to track, manage and complete your New Year’s business resolutions?

If so, I’ve curated 10 project management, collaboration, productivity and planning apps to help your small business accomplish more with less stress.

Take a look at my top picks for web-based planning and productivity apps that have the potential to help you take your goals from zero to hero (in random order):

1. Moovia

Moovia is the new professional social network for creative people who get things done. Their free business networking application for project management and collaboration aims to go beyond managing projects.

Moovia’s platform enables users to show and enhance their skills and talents, connect to a network of contacts, build their professional reputation from feedback people give you, meet skilled people to build teams, engage on new projects and ideas, and work on their dreams.

2. Onehub

Accomplishing some goals will likely require company collaboration. Onehub aims to help your small business accomplish this by offering a way to collaborate and share information more securely. Their cloud content management and secure file sharing tool can power your virtual data rooms, replace your FTP server and more.

3. 42goals

Need help setting your daily goals? 42goals is a web-based tool that aims to help you track your daily goals and log daily activities. The cloud-based ‘Quantified Self App’ helps you to set up your goals, record your daily progress and visualize your achievements. It’s a great app to help you achieve personal, life goals and business goals.

4. TSheets

Is your goal to find a better way to track, manage and report time – how about simple timesheets from your computer or smartphone? TSheets aims to give small business owners – from freelance shops to businesses with a growing staff – a better answer to an all-important bottom line question: where does all the time go?

TSheets’ time tracking application aims to eliminate wasteful paper timesheets and punch time cards, by replacing them with their web-based, cloud-computing, mobile solution. This app claims to reduce tedious labor and endless headaches for small business owners, employees, HR managers and IT departments.

5. Freckle

A good option for service-based businesses, Freckle aims to help users eliminates all the nonsense between you and your work by tracking your time — for your clients and for yourself. The online app also aims to help users see the big picture: which days have you been working? How much, and on what? Is all that time billable time? What are your teammates and employees doing, etc.?


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